July 17, 2013

'A cross between Yuvraj and Lara'

Beige Brigade

Agar, Biff, Boof, the return of Cleaver, the Ashes, Skippy, Hogan, the Poison Dwarf and lots more in this week's show

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Posted by KARNAWAT33 on (July 19, 2013, 13:18 GMT)

He definitely is not someone who got into the team because of the captain at the time. He is not one who can play only at home ONLY. He is not one, who is good only for t20's (which is entertainment, not cricket). He is not arrogant or hot blooded. He is not one, who MARKETS himself like the (now fallen) Lance Armstrong, when he was suffering from a 'LYMPHOMA' and not Cancer. He is not yuraj, because the guy has a future.

Posted by bonaku on (July 19, 2013, 6:38 GMT)

As I said earlier, he is very much yuvraj.

Posted by Andrabi10 on (July 18, 2013, 15:29 GMT)

I thought he was more of an Adam gilchrist anyone else?

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