Kenya news May 4, 2011

Inamdar slams 'ill-advised' minister

ESPNcricinfo staff

Cricket Kenya chairman Samir Inamdar has hit back at criticisms levelled against the board by sports minister Paul Otuoma.

Questioned about Kenya's poor showing at the World Cup, Otuoma said: "The officials are responsible for the current rot in the game."

Inamdar countered that despite several invitations, Otuoma had yet to sit down with CK officials or even acknowledge attempts to arrange meetings

"It's unfortunate that, in these circumstances, [he] has chosen to air his ill-advised views publicly and to condemn the Cricket Kenya board without any proper consultation or discussion," Inamdar said. "He appears to be clearly unaware of the history of the sport in Kenya, its challenges or the work carried out by the current administration since the inception of Cricket Kenya five years ago. Nor does he appear to be aware that the ICC regularly reviews Cricket Kenya's operations, finances, development programmes, performances and governance."

Inamdar, who took over following the ousting of Sharad Ghai in 2005, inheriting a board is chaos and with no money, dismissed Otuoma's suggestion the board should resign en masse. "[We] take exception to the apparent suggestion that constitutionally elected officials of a national sports association should either be replaced or compulsorily resign because the national team concerned has performed poorly.

"The board is mandated by its constituent member clubs and by the ICC to govern the sport in Kenya and it fully intends to carry out its obligations in doing so."

CK has instigated a top-to-bottom review of the game's structure following the World Cup, and both the captain and coach have been dismissed.

"This review will include all aspects of the team's preparations and performances with input from the entire team management, players and officials," Inamdar said. "The ICC will be an integral part of that review and its representatives are due to fly into Kenya to discuss these matters with Cricket Kenya. The ICC will provide its own report on the performances of all the non-Test playing members (including Kenya) at the World Cup.

"CK is conscious of the fact that far-reaching changes need to be made in the way cricket is played, managed and structured in Kenya if playing standards are to improve. The review is aimed at providing a long-term answer to this.

"CK has invited the minister to meet with board members and the ICC's officials at any time convenient to him to discuss the ongoing review and our future plans. It is sincerely hoped he accepts the invitation on this occasion."