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George Binoy and Travis Basevi dig into our stats database

Has anyone born after 1990 played Test cricket?

Which players born in each decade made their debut the earliest? And which ones were the last to play an ODI or a Test?

Travis Basevi and George Binoy

April 29, 2009

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Ahmed Shehzad trains at the Harare Sports Club, Harare, August 22, 2008
Ahmed Shehzad wasn't the first player born in the 1990s to play ODIs, but he could be the first from the decade to make a Test debut © ESPNcricinfo Ltd

When 17-year old Ahmed Shehzad was selected in Pakistan's Test squad for the home series against Sri Lanka in February, we checked out his profile and noticed he was born on November 23, 1991. We wondered if he would be the first player born in the 1990s to make a Test debut, but unfortunately Shehzad didn't get a game. As luck would have it, a hamstring injury to Nasir Jamshed during the ongoing ODI series against Australia gave Shehzad his debut in the second match in Dubai. And so we decided to check out which players from each decade made their debut the earliest. We also looked at those born in each decade to last play an ODI or a Test.

We discovered, though, that Shehzad wasn't the first from the 1990s to play a one-day international. He was was, shockingly, the eighth. Hong Kong's James Atkinson, born on August 24 1990, slipped under our radars when he made his debut against Pakistan in Karachi in June 2008. The other six post-1990 internationals are Alawi Shukri, Paul Stirling, McLaren Smith, Ruvindu Gunasekera, Seren Waters and Rubel Hossain.

You're probably wondering why there aren't any players from the 1930s and 1940s in the table below. We didn't include them because the first ODI, in January 1971, involved six players from the 1930s and 16 from the 1940s so they all qualified as having represented their decades first in ODIs. It wasn't until August 1972 that someone born in the 1950s made his debut - Australian Jeff Hammond, at the age of 22, against England at Edgbaston. It was his only ODI.

First player from each decade to play ODIs
Player Span Mat DOB Age Opposition Date Scorecard
JR Hammond (Aus) 1972-1972 1 Apr 19, 1950 22y 131d v England Aug 28, 1972 ODI 4
SP Pasqual (SL) 1979-1979 2 Oct 15, 1961 17y 237d v New Zealand Jun 9, 1979 ODI 62
Aaqib Javed (Pak) 1988-1998 163 Aug 5, 1972 16y 127d v West Indies Dec 10, 1988 ODI 535
Shahid Afridi (Asia/ICC/Pak) 1996-2009 274 Mar 1, 1980 16y 215d v Kenya Oct 2, 1996 ODI 1123
JJ Atkinson (HK) 2008-2008 2 Aug 24, 1990 17y 305d v Pakistan Jun 24, 2008 ODI 2712

While looking at players from each decade to last play an ODI, we did not include the 1970s and 1980s because 21 players from the third Australia-Pakistan ODI (Shehzad being the exception) were born in those decades. The last player from the 1960s to play an ODI, however, is Canada's Sunil Dhaniram. He was born on October 17, 1968, and played against Ireland in the 2009 World Cup Qualifiers earlier this month, at the age of 40.

Zimbabwe's John Traicos was the last man from the 1940s to play ODIs for the longest time, until Netherlands' Nolan Clarke came along and smashed the record for the oldest ODI debutant in the 1996 World Cup. Clarke played his last match against South Africa in Rawalpindi at the age of 47.

Last player from each decade to play ODIs
Player Span Mat DOB Age Opposition Date Scorecard
CA Marshall (Can) 1979-1979 2 Sep 13, 1939 39y 274d v England Jun 14, 1979 ODI 67
NE Clarke (Neth) 1996-1996 5 Jun 22, 1948 47y 257d v South Africa Mar 5, 1996 ODI 1073
JL Louw (Nam) 2003-2003 1 Jun 19, 1959 43y 236d v Zimbabwe Feb 10, 2003 ODI 1943
S Dhaniram (Can) 2006-2009 33 Oct 17, 1968 40y 184d v Ireland Apr 19, 2009 ODI 2843

Hasan Raza didn't give anyone else from the 1980s much of a chance to sneak on to the Test circuit ahead of him. Raza, born in 1982, played his first Test, against Zimbabwe in Faisalabad, on October 24 1996 at the unbelievable age of 14. However, he wasn't the first from the 1980s to play ODIs. Raza played his first one-dayer on October 30 1996, 28 days after 16-year-old Shahid Afridi made his debut against Kenya in Nairobi.

Aaqib Javed was the first player born in the 1970s to play both forms of the game. He played his first ODI at the Adelaide Oval in December 1988 at the age of 16 and made his Test debut in Wellington in February 1989. Aaqib narrowly edged out Sachin Tendulkar, who made his Test and ODI debuts in November-December 1989 when he too was 16 years old.

First player from each decade to play Tests
Player Span Mat DOB Age Opposition Date Scorecard
SP Jones (Aus) 1882-1888 12 Aug 1, 1861 20y 200d v England Feb 17, 1882 Test 6
AE Ochse (SA) 1889-1889 2 Mar 11, 1870 19y 1d v England Mar 12, 1889 Test 31
WA Shalders (SA) 1899-1907 12 Feb 12, 1880 19y 48d v England Apr 1, 1899 Test 59
JW Hearne (Eng) 1911-1926 24 Feb 11, 1891 20y 307d v Australia Dec 15, 1911 Test 116
EP Nupen (SA) 1921-1936 17 Jan 1, 1902 19y 308d v Australia Nov 5, 1921 Test 145
JED Sealy (WI) 1930-1939 11 Sep 11, 1912 17y 122d v England Jan 11, 1930 Test 187
JB Stollmeyer (WI) 1939-1955 32 Mar 11, 1921 18y 105d v England Jun 24, 1939 Test 272
DB Close (Eng) 1949-1976 22 Feb 24, 1931 18y 149d v New Zealand Jul 23, 1949 Test 316
Nasim-ul-Ghani (Pak) 1958-1973 29 May 14, 1941 16y 248d v West Indies Jan 17, 1958 Test 446
Aftab Baloch (Pak) 1969-1975 2 Apr 1, 1953 16y 221d v New Zealand Nov 8, 1969 Test 665
RJ Shastri (India) 1981-1992 80 May 27, 1962 18y 270d v New Zealand Feb 21, 1981 Test 897
Aaqib Javed (Pak) 1989-1998 22 Aug 5, 1972 16y 189d v New Zealand Feb 10, 1989 Test 1115
Hasan Raza (Pak) 1996-2005 7 Mar 11, 1982 14y 227d v Zimbabwe Oct 24, 1996 Test 1337

The last person from the 1960s to have played Tests is Sanath Jayasuriya. He was born in 1969 and played his last Test against England in 2007 at the age of 38. He's still going strong in ODIs, though - his last game was in February - and is likely to unseat Dhaniram as the last player from the 1960s to play an ODI.

Last player from each decade to play Tests
Player Span Mat DOB Age Opposition Date Scorecard
J Southerton (Eng) 1877-1877 2 Nov 16, 1827 49y 139d v Australia Apr 4, 1877 Test 2
NFD Thomson (Aus) 1877-1877 2 May 29, 1839 37y 310d v England Apr 4, 1877 Test 2
WG Grace (Eng) 1880-1899 22 Jul 18, 1848 50y 320d v Australia Jun 3, 1899 Test 60
R Abel (Eng) 1888-1902 13 Nov 30, 1857 44y 238d v Australia Jul 26, 1902 Test 73
FJ Laver (Aus) 1899-1909 15 Dec 7, 1869 39y 247d v England Aug 11, 1909 Test 105
AFA Lilley (Eng) 1896-1909 35 Nov 28, 1866 42y 256d v Australia Aug 11, 1909 Test 105
G Gunn (Eng) 1907-1930 15 Jun 13, 1879 50y 303d v West Indies Apr 12, 1930 Test 193
W Rhodes (Eng) 1899-1930 58 Oct 29, 1877 52y 165d v West Indies Apr 12, 1930 Test 193
EH Hendren (Eng) 1920-1935 51 Feb 5, 1889 46y 41d v West Indies Mar 18, 1935 Test 241
A Wood (Eng) 1938-1939 4 Aug 25, 1898 40y 362d v West Indies Aug 22, 1939 Test 274
Miran Bakhsh (Pak) 1955-1955 2 Apr 20, 1907 47y 302d v India Feb 16, 1955 Test 398
AM Moir (NZ) 1951-1959 17 Jul 17, 1919 39y 244d v England Mar 18, 1959 Test 472
TW Graveney (Eng) 1951-1969 79 Jun 16, 1927 42y 1d v West Indies Jun 17, 1969 Test 653
BE Congdon (NZ) 1965-1978 61 Feb 11, 1938 40y 198d v England Aug 28, 1978 Test 830
AJ Traicos (SA/Zim) 1970-1993 7 May 17, 1947 45y 304d v India Mar 17, 1993 Test 1218
DJ Richardson (SA) 1992-1998 42 Sep 16, 1959 38y 140d v Australia Feb 3, 1998 Test 1397
ST Jayasuriya (SL) 1991-2007 110 Jun 30, 1969 38y 158d v England Dec 5, 2007 Test 1851

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George Binoy is a senior sub-editor at Cricinfo

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