Pakistan's coach controversy October 25, 2008

Confusion over Lawson's outstanding payment

Cricinfo staff

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has downplayed the prospects of impending legal complications with Geoff Lawson, the outgoing Pakistan coach, of outstanding dues owed to him after the termination of his contract.

Lawson was removed from his post yesterday and given three months salary as per his contract agreement. But as Cricinfo reported yesterday, it is believed that the amount given to Lawson with his termination notice was "thousands and thousands of dollars" less than what it should have been. As a result the cheque was sent back to board officials by Lawson and the discrepancy in amounts pointed out.

"I believe something has come back from Lawson regarding the outstanding payment," Salim Altaf, director-general PCB, told Cricinfo. "There is no major problem and if there is a difference then it will be handled by our lawyers as per the contract and sorted out."

The error may have come from the fact that Lawson had apparently been paid his salary in advance till December 31, 2008. As he was fired on October 24, a three-month compensation package would mean that he was paid till January 24, 2009. Having been paid till the end of the year, he is now, according to the PCB, owed money for 24 days.

It is believed that Lawson has contacted the Australian High Commission for legal advice on the matter and will not leave Pakistan until the matter is satisfactorily resolved.