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6th Match, Group B, Abu Dhabi, September 20, 2018, Asia Cup
(42.1/50 ov, T:256) 119

Afghanistan won by 136 runs

Player Of The Match
57* (32) & 2/13
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Presentation time:

Rashid Khan: I'm really happy with my performance and the best thing was I performed with both bat and ball. My main focus was to bat till the end and I think our preparation was good to play till the end. Our fielding was amazing and the conditions were really hard and tough. We've been working hard on our fielding, we focus a lot on that. I've been coming on to bowl late because I want to build pressure by bowling more dot balls and the batsmen give their wickets. You can't rely on or two kind of players on these kind of pitches. I want to dedicate this award to our ex board chairman Atif Mashal who has done a wonderful job for us in the last few years.

Asghar: It was a very important game for us and I'll give a lot of credit to Naib and Rashid for their effort. Our top and middle order didn't play very well but thanks to god Naib and Rashid did very well. Yes, it will be tough for other teams to chase 230 kind of totals against us because of our bowling and fielding. I do have a groin issue but I'll let the physio decide tomorrow on my status for the match (against Pakistan)

10.55pm Chasing these totals of over 200 (barring Hong Kong's attempt against India) is proving to be real tough in this tournament. It could be the heat, it could be the slow pitches that don't have much for the batsmen or bowlers, or it could just be a rewind to the '90s when 250 used to be match-winning. That's all from us tonight, Akshay and I, Vishal, need some sleep too. You can join us tomorrow for the next stage, here are the matches....Until then, it's goodbye and good luck!

SHRAVAN: "Afghanistan play India in super four not Pakistan??" India v Bangladesh and Afghanistan v Pakistan

Surbhi Oberoi: "These are some big victories for AFG, happy to see them grow. Rashid Khan is a superstar in making(if not already). Well played!"

Virag: "As good as it is to see Rashid Khan play his weight in Gold , it is great to see other players like Naib and Shahidi come to the party. Cricket is a team game after all and you need team efforts to take you far."

Rohit: "What a way to enter his 20s! - Happy Birthday Rashid Khan!!"

10.36pm What a comprehensive performance from Afghanistan, they are unbeaten in the Asia Cup after facing Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. At one point it looked like Shakib was taking the match away from them with his stifling lines and four wickets in the first innings. But Bangladesh put the foot off the pedal when Afghanistan were seven down, only to see birthday boy Rashid Khan snatch the game from them. A scintillating half-century in the company of Gulbadin Naib, two wickets after the opening bowlers did the damage and then a run-out too. He aptly leads his team off the field after this massive win.

Mashrafe Mortaza: Afghanistan outplayed us from the 40th over. They played really well and we didn't bowl well in the last 10 overs and batting wasn't up to the mark. We have a big match tomorrow and boys need to be fresh. It's a bit difficult to recover from back to back matches in this heat. Mushfiqur and Mustafiz were rested today because of the niggles.

Jigar Aiya: "Afghanistan is no more underdog. Now very much in race for trophy"

Harsha: "Asia Cup is turning into a huge success with Afganistan and Hong Kong being 2 new forces to reckon with."

Mujeeb to Rubel, OUT

and he strikes first ball with the googly, Bangladesh are wrapped up for 119. A loopy googly coming in, Rubel hardly moves his feet and is trapped plumb on the front pad in front of the stumps

Rubel Hossain lbw b Mujeeb Ur Rahman 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Mujeeb comes back

end of over 42Wicket maiden
BAN: 119/9CRR: 2.83 RRR: 17.12
Mosaddek Hossain26 (60)
Rubel Hossain0 (0)
Rashid Khan 9-3-13-2
Mohammad Nabi 10-1-24-1
Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

pretty full on off, he digs it out on the leg side

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, OUT

what can't Rashid do today? A direct hit this time and there's the aeroplane celebration. Mosaddek made plenty of room to drive inside out but didn't middle it and the ball deflected off Rashid towards mid off. It made Abu Hider go for the run but he was sent back and by then Rashid had sprinted towards mid-off, picked the ball and turned around in no time and even hit the stumps to send the bails flying

Abu Hider run out (Rashid Khan) 1 (11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 9.09
Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

he reads the googly and blocks it front of the stumps

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

he connects this time and finds backward point with the cut

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

Shahzad appeals as Mosaddek goes back to cut the legbrak and misses

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

straightish on the stumps, he stays back and defends

end of over 415 runs
BAN: 119/8CRR: 2.90 RRR: 15.22
Abu Hider1 (11)
Mosaddek Hossain26 (54)
Mohammad Nabi 10-1-24-1
Rashid Khan 8-2-13-2
M Nabi to Abu Hider, no run

just outside off stump this time, he punches it back

M Nabi to Abu Hider, no run

accurate line and length on middle and leg, he defends it back

M Nabi to Mosaddek, 1 run

tries a slog across the line and gets a single on the leg side

M Nabi to Mosaddek, FOUR runs

gets a full toss this time towards the pads and goes for the big shot this time, smashing it between deep midwicket and long on for four

M Nabi to Mosaddek, no run

looked like he wanted to g for a big shot first and then decided to defend the length ball on the stumps

M Nabi to Mosaddek, no run

flighted on the stumps, he blocks it back

Two wickets to go, maximum four fielders allowed outside the circle now

end of over 401 run
BAN: 114/8CRR: 2.85 RRR: 14.20
Abu Hider1 (9)
Mosaddek Hossain21 (50)
Rashid Khan 8-2-13-2
Mohammad Nabi 9-1-19-1

Vishal's back for the final passage as the game tapers to its end.

Rashid Khan to Abu Hider, no run

drills a fuller one to cover

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, 1 run

gets down for a slog and mistimes it one-bounce to deep square leg

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

googly, spins in and raps the pad as he plays down the wrong line. Might've spun down leg

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

straight length ball, blocked from the crease

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

waits for it to turn and taps it to point

Rashid Khan to Mosaddek, no run

full on middle, pushed back

end of over 391 run
BAN: 113/8CRR: 2.89 RRR: 13.00
Abu Hider1 (8)
Mosaddek Hossain20 (45)
Mohammad Nabi 9-1-19-1
Rashid Khan 7-2-12-2
M Nabi to Abu Hider, no run

nudges a fuller one to backward square leg

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