Derby, Apr 22 - 25 2009, County Championship Division Two
131 & 360
(target 218)274 & 220/5
Derbyshire won by 5 wickets
Surrey 1st INNINGS
Scott Newman c Lawson b Wagg1243532027.90
Michael Brown (c)c Stubbings b Wagg1690016.66
Laurie Evans c Law b Wagg6881075.00
Usman Afzaal  b Wagg318230016.66
Jonathan Batty lbw b Wagg361041494034.61
James Benning c Park b Smith526261019.23
Chris Jordan lbw b Wagg627250022.22
Chris Schofield lbw b Clare1053981018.86
Andre Nel  b Smith1213261092.30
Jade Dernbach not out 411240036.36
Pedro Collins c †Pipe b Smith11612006.25
Extras(b 13, lb 7, nb 14, w 1)35
TOTAL(53 Ov, RR: 2.47)131
Fall of wickets: 1-5 (Michael Brown), 2-19 (Laurie Evans), 3-31 (Usman Afzaal), 4-32 (Scott Newman), 5-43 (James Benning), 6-58 (Chris Jordan), 6-100 (43.6 ov), 7-124 (Jonathan Batty), 8-125 (Andre Nel), 9-126 (Chris Schofield), 10-131 (Pedro Collins)
Graham Wagg15.453562.23---05
Ian Hunter1232702.25---00
Jonathan Clare1453112.21---02
Greg Smith11.271831.58---10
Derbyshire 1st INNINGS
Steve Stubbings c †Batty b Collins729500024.13
Garry Park c Jordan b Dernbach44710100.00
Stuart Law c †Batty b Nel0911000.00
Dan Redfern c †Batty b Collins2873884038.35
Wavell Hinds lbw b Jordan2637454070.27
Greg Smith not out 9413321114070.67
James Pipe (c)†lbw b Collins66710100.00
Jonathan Clare  b Collins052000.00
Graham Wagg lbw b Schofield35841175041.66
Mark Lawson c †Batty b Jordan067000.00
Ian Hunter  b Collins4752558190.38
Extras(b 5, lb 6, nb 16)27
TOTAL(71.4 Ov, RR: 3.82)274
Fall of wickets: 1-6 (Garry Park), 2-7 (Stuart Law), 3-21 (Steve Stubbings), 4-68 (Wavell Hinds), 5-76 (Dan Redfern), 6-88 (James Pipe), 7-88 (Jonathan Clare), 8-190 (Graham Wagg), 9-191 (Mark Lawson), 10-274 (Ian Hunter)
Andre Nel7.412613.39---01
Jade Dernbach18.236413.49---01
Pedro Collins19.457553.81---04
James Benning30501.66---00
Chris Jordan1405924.21---02
Usman Afzaal21100.50---00
Chris Schofield713314.71---00
Surrey 2nd INNINGS
Scott Newman c †Pipe b Park12419724717062.94
Michael Brown (c)c Law b Hunter281101372025.45
Laurie Evans  b Clare730411023.33
Usman Afzaal c & b Clare59991416059.59
Jade Dernbach c Smith b Hunter621231028.57
Jonathan Batty c †Pipe b Hunter927521033.33
James Benning c Hunter b Smith3652575069.23
Chris Jordan  b Wagg317170017.64
Chris Schofield not out 3157872054.38
Andre Nel  b Park1528353053.57
Pedro Collins  b Park810141080.00
Extras(b 10, lb 16, nb 6, w 2)34
TOTAL(107.3 Ov, RR: 3.34)360
Fall of wickets: 1-83 (Michael Brown), 2-129 (Laurie Evans), 3-204 (Scott Newman), 4-217 (Jade Dernbach), 5-255 (Usman Afzaal), 6-259 (Jonathan Batty), 7-276 (Chris Jordan), 8-314 (James Benning), 9-342 (Andre Nel), 10-360 (Pedro Collins)
Graham Wagg2969413.24---00
Ian Hunter2628833.38---20
Greg Smith1453512.50---00
Jonathan Clare1735323.11---03
Mark Lawson1213903.25---00
Garry Park9.312532.63---00
Derbyshire 2nd INNINGS (target: 218 runs)
Steve Stubbings  b Schofield832142628038.78
Garry Park lbw b Collins501001248050.00
Stuart Law c Schofield b Nel719271036.84
Dan Redfern c Nel b Jordan1760682028.33
Wavell Hinds c †Batty b Schofield912132075.00
Greg Smith not out 2736425075.00
James Pipe (c)†not out 818201044.44
Extras(lb 4, nb 8, w 7)19
TOTAL(75.5 Ov, RR: 2.90)220/5
Fall of wickets: 1-89 (Garry Park), 2-116 (Stuart Law), 3-166 (Dan Redfern), 4-183 (Wavell Hinds), 5-192 (Steve Stubbings)
Jade Dernbach1663802.37---20
Pedro Collins1534713.13---03
Andre Nel1462311.64---00
Chris Schofield13.544223.03---00
Chris Jordan1124414.00---01
James Benning512204.40---10
Usman Afzaal11000.00---00
County Ground, Derby
TossSurrey, elected to bat first
SeriesCounty Championship Division Two
Hours of play (local time)11am start, Lunch 13.00-13.40, Tea 15.40-16.00, Close 18.00
Match days22,23,24,25 April 2009 - day (4-day match)
England Image
John Steele
England Image
Trevor Jesty
PointsDerbyshire 19, Surrey 3
Wed, 22 Apr - day 1 - Derbyshire 1st innings 152/7 (Greg Smith 35*, Graham Wagg 22*, 43 ov)
Thu, 23 Apr - day 2 - Surrey 2nd innings 213/3 (Usman Afzaal 28*, Jade Dernbach 5*, 67 ov)
Fri, 24 Apr - day 3 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 145/2 (Steve Stubbings 66*, Dan Redfern 11*, 53 ov)
Sat, 25 Apr - day 4 - Derbyshire 2nd innings 220/5 (75.5 ov) - end of match
  • CP Schofield (1) retired hurt on 10* from 100/6 (43.6 ov) to 125/8 (48.5 ov)
Day 2
  • Surrey 2nd innings
  • SA Newman 100 in 215 mins off 165 balls, 16x4