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3rd Match, First Round Group B (D/N), Hobart, October 17, 2022, ICC Men's T20 World Cup
(18.3/20 ov, T:161) 118

Scotland won by 42 runs

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Well, that's all from us for this game. Do jump in for the Zimbabwe-Ireland match, where Matt Roller has kicked us off. Till the next time, on behalf of Venkat, Thilak, Sreshth and myself, Sudarshanan, take care, ciao!

Mustafa Moudi: "2 former Champions losing to associate teams aby huge margins within 24 hours is the a great way to begin the T20 World Cup. This edition is going to have lot of surprises!!"

Mohan : "Unpopular opinion but I am going to support one of associate nations to win this WC T20 cup."

JOYDEEPSINGHGIL: "West Indies lost to Afghanistan in 2016 T20I wc after that won that tournament"

7:25pm Let's hear from the captains now.

West Indies captain, Nicholas Pooran: "Tough loss for us, obviously disappointed. We have to work hard and win two games. We have to take accountability and responsibility. [On batting against spin] That's disappointing on our part. In saying that, we have to put this loss behind us and pick ourselves up. Sometimes, when you lose games and perform bad as players, you want the next game to come as fast as possible. From a team point of view, we spoke about hitting Scotland hard - no matter who we play - and in the powerplay [with the ball] we took time to assess conditions."

Scotland captain, Richard Berrington: "Obviously it is a special win for us. Took a lot of work and has given us belief. We haven't had as many T20 cricket as we would have liked but have played a lot of 50-overs cricket. It was about transferring those skills to the short form. I thought we got off to a flying start, especially Munsey getting off quickly. West Indies then came back well but our bowlers bowled well. [On the spinners] They have done it for us in key moments. Watt started off well and always picks up the key wickets. Leask bowled his fours over well on the trot, too."

7:22pm Superb all-round display from Scotland that. First, Munsey and Jones got them off to a flier after they had lost the toss. And then, despite rain applying the brakes, they found some regular blows from the other end - thanks to MacLeod, Berrington and Greaves - even as Munsey struggled for timing and yet kept his end held up. Eventually, his presence in the middle did help Scotland a great deal at the end, especially as he managed three fours off the last over of the innings, that went for 15.

Scotland then used that- batting knowledge to have West Indies hit to the bigger section of the ground and deny then the short length to get under and target the short, square boundaries. Superb tactics and it meant that second time in three games, the team batting first managed to come up triumphs.

7:16pm Another day, another upset in this T20 World Cup. Namibia showed the way yesterday, Scotland delivered today. Clinical is an understatement. Berrington and his men used the advantage of batting first to bowl according to the dimensions and deny West Indies. Mayers got off to a flier but once he fell, it was almost a process, until Holder showed his wares with some smart batting towards the end. It was however a tall mountain to climb and West Indies - like in the last T20 World Cup - start their campaign with a big loss.

George Munsey is the player of the match: "[Injury] It's okay and not great, we'll see later tonight. I am always looking to improve but the guys are always looking to improve. Watt was outstanding with his bowling. The guys did well in the middle from ball one and took pressure off me, especially after the rain delay. I enjoyed the start and then we went off due to rain and then found it trickier - don't know if it was the conditions or just their bowling. I thought we were below par [with the total on the board] but knew we had enough to defend and went about it."

Sharif to Holder, OUT

Another West Indies batter falls while aiming for the long boundary. Full ball outside off, Holder looks to go over wide long-off. Greaves makes good ground to his left and takes it with a dive. Scotland beat West Indies in their first T20I meeting.

Jason Holder c Greaves b Sharif 38 (33b 4x4 1x6 37m) SR: 115.15
Sharif to McCoy, 1 run

Length ball angling away, it was the offcutter. McCoy looks to heave it over the on side but gets it off the leading edge towards deep third.

Sharif to Holder, 1 run

Around middle and leg, wrists it through square leg. But the shorter dimension there means he gets just one.

Sharif for the penultimate over.

45 off 12 is a bridge too far for Holder, too, you'd imagine...

Adnan: "I don't know why they are not going for? The match can be won in 10 balls and they still have 15. Go Holder."

end of over 1811 runs
WI: 116/9CRR: 6.44 RRR: 22.50 • Need 45 runs from 12b
Jason Holder37 (31b 4x4 1x6)
Obed McCoy1 (2b)
Josh Davey 3-0-34-1
Mark Watt 4-0-12-3
Davey to Holder, 1 run

Short and slow again, pulled to deep midwicket. This time takes a run to keep strike.

Davey to Holder, 2 runs

Full and outside off, hit through covers for two.

Davey to Holder, FOUR runs

Low full toss outside off, Holder manages to open the face and beat the diving backward point. The fielder got a bad bounce as well.

Davey to Holder, FOUR runs

This is why Holder wants to have much of the strike. Gets a low full toss on middle and leg, he clears the front leg and wallops it to beat long-on to his right.

Davey to Holder, no run

Bangs it short outside off, but it takes time to reach Holder, who waits and pulls it to deep midwicket. Declines the single.

Davey to Holder, no run

Length ball angling in on the leg, Holder misses the heave.

Josh Davey returns.

end of over 174 runs • 1 wicket
WI: 105/9CRR: 6.17 RRR: 18.66 • Need 56 runs from 18b
Obed McCoy1 (2b)
Jason Holder26 (25b 2x4 1x6)
Mark Watt 4-0-12-3
Brad Wheal 4-0-32-2
Watt to McCoy, no run

Flatter and on a length around off and middle, pushed back to the bowler. Watt finishes with 3 for 12 off his four overs. Superb!

Watt to Holder, 1 run

Tossed up around off and middle, chipped to long-off.

Watt to Holder, 1 wide

Fired well wide outside off, he lets it be.

How economical has Mark Watt been in T20 World Cups? You can AskCricinfo that and know!

Watt to Holder, no run

Very full on off, squeezed back to the bowler.

Watt to McCoy, 1 run

Fuller and outside off, eased through cover.

Obed McCoy the last man in.

Watt to Smith, OUT

Smith perishes! Tossed up but lands it on a length around off, Smith looks to charge down and go big. Once again, like Powell, chooses one of the bigger parts of the ground at long-on, where Greaves takes a well-judged catch running backwards.

Odean Smith c Greaves b Watt 5 (8b 0x4 0x6 14m) SR: 62.5
Watt to Holder, 1 run

Very full outside off, driven through cover.

Watt for his last over.

end of over 1612 runs
WI: 101/8CRR: 6.31 RRR: 15.00 • Need 60 runs from 24b
Jason Holder24 (22b 2x4 1x6)
Odean Smith5 (7b)
Brad Wheal 4-0-32-2
Safyaan Sharif 3-0-21-0
Wheal to Holder, 1 run

Full toss on middle and leg, worked away through midwicket.

Shehryar Majeed: "@Ganesh, only 11 sixes remaining from Holder "

Wheal to Holder, FOUR runs

Squeezes it well past backward point and gets four. It is very full and outside off, Holder manages to get besides it and slices it.

Wheal to Holder, no run

Short delivery around middle and leg, he backs away but then sways away.

Wheal to Holder, SIX runs

Tonked with disdain. Just a free flow of the blade from Holder and it has travelled over square leg. It was a length ball that was angling in to him.

Win Probability
SCOT 100%
100%50%100%SCOT InningsWI Innings

Over 19 • WI 118/10

Jason Holder c Greaves b Sharif 38 (33b 4x4 1x6 37m) SR: 115.15
Scotland won by 42 runs
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