3rd Place Play-off (N), Mumbai, Apr 24 2010, Indian Premier League
(13.5/20 ov, target 83)86/1
RCB won by 9 wickets (with 37 balls remaining)
player of the match
Anil Kumble
Royal Challengers Bangalore

A thumping win for Bangalore has sealed their place in the Champions League. That was the entire purpose of this game, and they've managed to finish their tournament on a high. Deccan were abysmal, being bowled out for 82 and their last two defeats have marred a run of five consecutive victories that had propelled them to second place in the points table. We'll get you the presentation details in a bit.

Arun: "IPL makes connection with the environment by giving away a 'green-tip' before every match to million of viewers. How green is to burst these crackers after every match? and do we need it?"

Gilchrist: "We saved our worst for last, in the semis and tonight. It's been a good campaign, we fought hard to get here. We let our owners, fans and ourselves down today. They bowled well, our shot selection wasn't right. Our boys are very proud of their efforts. All three years have been great. I'd like to come back next year. It was a frustrating year with the bat and am really enjoying the captaincy. We would like to nestle back in to Hyderabad, and we owe them some wins there."

Kumble is the Man of the Match for his four-for: "The bowling was exceptional. We were a bit inconsistent in the tournament, but the bowling was exceptional backed up by some good batting. As a team, we were good. On paper we were one of the best sides. Robin batted well and his keeping was exceptional. Everyone contributed, and it's good to finish the tournament on a happy note. South African conditions will certainly suit us [in the Champions League], and Bangalore fans deserve this victory."

We are yet to hear an official announcement of the venue for the Champions League, but Kumble, and Steyn earlier today, have made a mention of South Africa. Here's where the matter last stood.

That's all we have from here today. Join us tomorrow for the IPL final. Until then, it's goodbye.

Ojha to Pietersen, SIX runs

all over, sliding it on middle and leg, Pietersen gives him the charge and dispatches it over wide long-on for a six

Ojha to Dravid, 1 run

comes down the track and chips it towards long-off for a single

Ojha to Dravid, no run

caught the glove there as he tried to sweep it fine, lobbed up in front of the bowler but fell short

Ojha to Pietersen, 1 run

defended in front of extra cover for a quick single

Ojha to Pietersen, no run

drifting in on middle, pushed towards square leg

This could be the last over of the match

end of over 137 runs
RCB: 78/1CRR: 6.00 • RRR: 0.71 • Need 5 runs from 42b
Kevin Pietersen22 (18)
Rahul Dravid34 (28)
Harmeet Singh1-0-7-0
Rahul Sharma3-0-24-1
Harmeet Singh to Pietersen, 1 run

low full toss, caressed to deep cover for a single

Harmeet Singh to Dravid, 1 run

short outside off, chops it wide of point to sneak a quick run

Harmeet Singh to Dravid, no run

bowled it on a good length on the off, pushed off the front foot to mid-on

Harmeet Singh to Dravid, FOUR runs

slapped hard, short outside off and he thumps that between mid-off and extra cover to the ropes

Harmeet Singh to Pietersen, 1 run

the legcutter bowled short, pulled away to deep midwicket for a single

Harmeet Singh to Pietersen, no run

bowls it on a good length outside off, driven hard towards extra cover

Harmeet to bowl