Eliminator 2 (N), Karachi, Mar 15 2019, Pakistan Super League
(20 ov, target 215)166/9
Zalmi won by 48 runs
player of the match
Kamran Akmal
Peshawar Zalmi
end of over 209 runs
IU: 166/9CRR: 8.30 
Rumman Raees2 (6)
Muhammad Musa8 (5)
Kieron Pollard4-0-53-1
Wahab Riaz4-0-25-1

That's all we have for you today, goodnight and join us for the final.

11.17 pm Darren Sammy: "The way Kamran and Imam set it up on top, it was just brilliant. I did say they are match-winners at the toss, and we saw how well they played today. To post 200 in a do-or-die game is always good. It was a good tactical decision (to bowl four fast bowlers). It was a big call to leave out Dawson, but we always put the team first here and Chis Jordan had an amazing series in the West Indies. I'm just shocked that Wahab and Hasan aren't bowling for Pakistan. I am very pleased to be in the finals, the Zalmi team has reached three consecutive finals, so it shows the kind of cricket we play. Our guys will be pumped up, two top teams in the final. We have played good cricket throughout the tournament. Different type of pressure in the final. It's about holding our nerve, like we did today. The atmosphere has been brilliant. We have to raise the bar one more time."

Mohammad Sami: "We were on the backfoot since their opening stand. If you see the pitch, there wasn't much spin on it. I'm proud of my team, they played well to get to here. We will come back stronger next year. We gave too high a target today. We should have given 20-30 runs fewer. Overall, we are proud that several players from our side have played for Pakistan."

11.07 pm Kamran Akmal is the Man of the Match for his splendid 74 off 43. Well deserved, he set the game up for Zalmi and ensured a total that would be beyond Islamabad. "The team played really well, and we got a good total because of the way Imam built the partnership. Then Pollard and Sammy finished it well. It was a very good pitch. Wahab has been bowling fast throughout the tournament. We got wickets in the PowerPlay which is why we could defend our total. I give credit to the whole team for qualifying for the final."

10.54pm Once Zalmi got to a formidable 214 it was always going to be very difficult for Islamabad. Zalmi's total was built on a formidable opening stand, with Imam and Kamran carting the bowlers to all parts. The Islamabad bowlers erred in line and length too often, and paid the price. Pollard and Sammy struck their usual blows at the end to swell the total. Zalmi's bowlers were much more disciplined and fiery, with Wahab hitting 150+, and Jordan, Mills and Hasan Ali also quick and menacing. A comfortable win in the end.

Pollard to Raees, no run

hah, Pollard's taking the mickey. Bowls a loopy slower ball as the final one, and the batsman just watches it go through. That's that, and Peshawar have won by 48 runs. They will meet Quetta Gladiators in the final, where a new champion will be crowned because Islamabad United haven't been able to defend their title. Good campaign by them, even if the last defeat was insipid

Pollard to Raees, no run

fullish outside off, swings and misses

Pollard to Muhammad Musa, 3 runs

Swatted into the offside that time, and Wahab tumbles to his left and dives to save the boundary

Pollard to Muhammad Musa, FOUR runs

Hasan Ali misfields at deep midwicket and allows a four. Too casual from Hasan, because he knows his team have won this, but Pollard's looking daggers. It's his bowling figures that are being affected. Hasan throws up a hand in apology

Pollard to Raees, 1 run
Pollard to Muhammad Musa, 1 run

length ball, he swings across the line and manages to just get it over the straight fence. Chris Jordan at the boundary caught the ball, and tried to parry it back in because he was going over the ropes with the momentum, but couldn't do it in time, and it's a six. Okay scratch that, the umpires have just signalled it's not a six. Perhaps because Jordan was able to throw the ball back into the field of play when airborne? Not sure though

end of over 192 runs • 1 wicket
IU: 157/9CRR: 8.26 RRR: 58.00 • Need 58 runs from 6b
Muhammad Musa0 (2)
Rumman Raees1 (3)
Wahab Riaz4-0-25-1
Chris Jordan4-0-26-3
Wahab Riaz to Muhammad Musa, 1 leg bye

speared this into the stumps, but a bit too far down leg and it takes the pad to roll away to short fine. Wahab wasn't happy with himself, think he wanted to bowl it at the stumps and sneak through the gate, after having bowled full and wide earlier.

Wahab Riaz to Muhammad Musa, no run

full, fast, on the fifth stump. No chance the batsman had to connect, especially a proper tailender

Wahab Riaz to Raees, 1 run

full and wide of off again, Rumman stretches his bat and manages to toe-end the ball past the bowler

Wahab Riaz to Raees, no run

pacy ball outside off, on the seventh stump. Poke and a miss

Wahab Riaz to Shadab, OUT

this is all ending quickly. Shadab's miserable stay comes to an end with a spooned catch to cover. He goes for a duck, having not managed to play a single convincing shot in his stay. This was a full ball, and he wanted to go straighter, but couldn't connect well at all

Shadab Khan c Sammy b Wahab Riaz 0 (9b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Wahab Riaz to Shadab, no run

full and well wide of off stump, but within the tramlines. The batsman doesn't connect

60 needed off the last two overs. The only point of interest is the victory margin now