3rd Test, Perth, Nov 30 - Dec 3 2012, South Africa tour of Australia
225 & 569
(82.5 ov, target 632)163 & 322
South Africa won by 309 runs
player of the match
Hashim Amla
South Africa

Unfortunately there is no television coverage of the presentation. At least not here. We can confirm that Hashim Amla is the Man of the Match. Michael Clarke is the Man of the Series.

Trawling through twitter, here are some quotes:

Smith: "The guys showed tremendous character in the last two weeks. For us to achieve two series wins is a huge achievement for us. I just want to say to our fans back home, I know you've been waking up early in the morning to watch us. This one's for you."

Clarke: "They are the number one team in the world and have shown throughout this series why they are."

Amla: "I'm glad to have made a contribution. This year has gone well..."

Ricky Ponting, on the guard of honour: "It was an amazing gesture by Graeme and the team, thank you for that."

AB de Villiers tweets: "Now that was very sweet! Hard work paid off. Congrats to Ricky for an amazing career! Inspired me and so many others around the world!"

That's it from us here. Too bad there was no proper coverage of the presentation for most of the viewers around the world.

Thanks for joining us. Thanks for the mails. We'll see you soon. Australia's next assignment is the home Tests against Sri Lanka. South Africa host New Zealand. Cheers!

End of the match: South Africa have beaten Australia at home in consecutive series. Quite phenominal and it;s been quite an incredible series, with only one outright result out of three. Australia were all over the place on the first day at the Gabba but hit back and were the more dominant team through the game. Faf du Plessis played the innings of his life at Adelaide to save what seemed like a certain defeat for South Africa. At Perth, the No.1 Test side was far too good for Australia.

Unfortunately we have lost live pictures but we will try and get you the presentation.

Vikram: "Big fan of RSA cricket, Have endured all the tough times following them,World cup losses..But this is a time to Rejoice..Rankings don't matter to me but series victory in Australia is special..I think they need to strengthen their bowling bench strength if they want to dominate test cricket in the coming years..Kudos Guys..Awesome Job.."

Steyn to Lyon, OUT

Game over! South Africa win by a whopping 309 runs and take the series 1-0 and retain the Test mace. Smith takes his fifth catch of the innings, at first slip, Lyon pokes his bat at it and the thick outside edge goes low to the slips, fitting that the captain himself took the final catch

Nathan Lyon c Smith b Steyn 31 (47m 43b 6x4 0x6) SR: 72.09
Steyn to Lyon, no run
Steyn to Lyon, FOUR runs

take that! Good length wide outside off and Lyon gets beside the line and cuts hard past point

Steyn to Lyon, no run

stays behind the line and punches it to the off side, Lyon makes a bit of room

Steyn to Lyon, no run

good length delivery and he punches it towards cover

end of over 828 runs
AUS: 318/9CRR: 3.87 
Mitchell Starc68 (43)
Nathan Lyon27 (38)
Vernon Philander21-8-41-2
Dale Steyn22-6-68-2

Pat Cummins tweets: " Halfway, C'mon boys! #315togo"

Philander to Starc, no run

punches it back to the bowler

Philander to Starc, FOUR runs

another four! Lands it on the off stump and he just chips it over mid-on, didn't go through with it but had enough to clear the fielder

Philander to Starc, no run

drifts down the leg side, Philander too looking ragged

Philander to Starc, FOUR runs

shot! Pitched up outside off and Starc has a free swing of the arms and clears mid-on comfortably

Philander to Starc, no run

drifts on the pads and he tries to flick this away and the ball clips his pads and lobs to the off side

Philander to Starc, no run

lands it wide outside off from over the wicket, left alone

These two have added 75 already

end of over 818 runs
AUS: 310/9CRR: 3.82 
Nathan Lyon27 (38)
Mitchell Starc60 (37)
Dale Steyn22-6-68-2
Faf du Plessis2-0-18-0
Steyn to Lyon, no run

stays right back at the crease and defends

Steyn to Lyon, FOUR runs

edged! Well well, this was a sitter for the slips, thick outside edge and it flies past the sea of confusion between Kallis and Smith at third and second slip, nobody moved

Steyn to Lyon, no run

stays back and punches it down to mid-on

Steyn to Lyon, no run

lands outside off and he leaves it alone

Starc's 50 off 32 is the 2nd fastest by an Australian, beating Bruce Yardly

Steyn to Lyon, no run

lands it outside the off stump and he leaves it alone

Steyn to Lyon, FOUR runs

and the new ball goes scorching to the boundary! Drifts on the body and he clips it with ease over midwicket

They are taking the new ball