Prague CC to hosts its first ever match

The Czech Republic's only cricket club, Prague C.C. will host its first match ever when it entertains Poland's sole cricket club, Warsaw C.C., on the weekend of May 29-30.

Prague, seeking revenge for a loss in Warsaw last year are likely to turn on the hospitality the night before.

The Warsaw C.C., comprising expatriate Indians, Pakistanis, Australians, Englishmen, South Africans and New Zealanders, was founded in 1995.

This week, Jim Cotterill from the MCC, visited Warsaw, providing coaching to local Poles..

Warsaw is desperate to receive visiting teams and club official, Tim Close, promises a good time if you should wish to visit. He can be reached on: timc@nc-virtual.com

When not receiving teams, Warsaw players usually play scratch matches amongst themselves on free weekends.

Meanwhile, the following weekend, Prague C.C. will make its debut in the Austrian Cup competition.