Glenn Maxwell, the Australia and Kings XI Punjab batsman, said his being rested during the latter half of the IPL "destroyed" his momentum and left him underprepared for the knockout matches.

He set the IPL ablaze with his first three innings and had centuries for the taking each time. His strike rate was constantly around 200 and his range of shots confounded bowlers. However, Maxwell languished in the other extreme during the latter half of the season, averaging 13 in nine innings.

"The problem I had, I think, was being rested for one game frustrated me a bit," he told Times of India. "Especially since it was in a game against the (Rajasthan) Royals, against whom I had played so well previously. It destroyed my momentum. I got a 0, 6,13,0 after that.

"If I would have continued playing, I would have been able to get some form before the final. Then I came against Delhi (Daredevils), who put up only 110 on the board. So, it was a lose-lose situation, and then I went straight into the final. It is tedious when you miss a game just before the final, especially when you need momentum and some form back. That didn't happen, but I'm proud of the way the boys played."

Maxwell's ability to clobber the ball over midwicket and his equally powerful reverse sweeps and switch hits have baffled spinners and seamers alike. He said his skill at finding the boundary came from a mix of knowing who to target and help from another sport.

"I play a lot of golf," he said. "My slog sweep is a bit like my golf swing which is like a `snap hook'. I've always had pretty fast hands. I back myself to clear the ropes. I try and target certain bowlers depending on fields."

Kings XI progressed to their first IPL final this season on the back of some explosive batting performances. Despite coming up short in the final hurdle, Maxwell was hopeful of a better result next time. "To get so close, and yet be so far was disappointing, but the Kings had an unbelievable season. Hopefully, we can go one step further next year."