Gloucestershire Gladiators v Middlesex Crusaders
16 June 2002

Events on the Day

  • Young Gladiators Day, Young Gladiators can meet the players for autographs
  • Maximus the Gladiator Mascot
  • Hit MS for Six
  • Galaxy 101 FM - Black Thunders
  • 37 Kingswood Drum & Bugle Marching Band will provide entertainment during the interval
  • Coaching Demonstrations during the interval and throughout the day for Young Gladiators
  • Gladiators Cheerleaders
  • James Huntley & Philip Young are displaying Steam Engines
  • Museum Open
  • Gladiator Boundary Edge Marquee will be open from 12 Noon to 3 p.m. for lunch
  • Karaoke in the Hammond Bar at the close of play