Beaten in the third Test by 202 runs India were unlucky to lose Jeoomal - badly cut on the head, when a ball from Clark glanced off his bat - and in having to play the last innings on a crumbling pitch. As a matter of fact the turf showed signs of wearing on the first day and, as the analysis shows, Jardine used his fast bowlers very little. The presence of two left-handers proved of great value. Verity and Langridge both kept a length and made the ball turn quickly. Because of this India, when sent in to get 452 for victory, considered a forcing game advisable in the hopes of knocking the bowlers off their length but practically every false hit brought disaster. Several England batsmen, on the other hand, enjoyed escapes but the fielding of India improved greatly when the visitors went in again. Verity took a prominent part in England's victory. He batted so well as to help Jardine add 97 runs and dismissed 11 men at a cost of 153 runs. There was nothing better in the match than the left handed catch with which he disposed of Merchant on the last day. Walters stood out as the best batsman by scoring 161 runs and his confident free cricket at the start of each innings went a long way towards England always being well placed. He and Bakewell began the match with a partnership for 111. The Northamptonshire man got exactly half the 170 runs on the board before falling to a wonderful catch at first slip. His dismissal came during a collapse, four wickets going down for 15 runs and India continued to do well except while Jardine and Verity played out time. Jardine batted as soundly as ever for three hours. Amar Singh could turn the ball whenever called upon and his sustained accuracy of length made him very difficult. India never looked like recovering from their disastrous start but, though they were dismissed with arrears of 190 against them, Jardine very wisely did not enforce the follow-on when Jeoomal was still absent on the third morning. Walters seized the opportunity to reveal his beat form; placing his forcing strokes all round the wicket in admirable style he scored 102 out or 174 before giving deep mid-off a catch. Jardine again batted in the manner required and brought his runs in the match to exactly a hundred before declaring in time for Verity to take two wickets, but with the total 45 Amar Singh joined Hussain and fierce hitting during brief spells overnight and in the morning brought 74 runs at two a minute. Amar Singh drove very hard and The Yuvraj of Patiala, by good cutting and driving, hit up 60 out of 84 in an hour with Merchant a steady partner.