Mick Newell: 'I don't feel robbed as such but I'm a little disappointed as I thought it was fairly clear' © Getty Images
Mick Newell, the Nottinghamshire coach, won't be making a formal complaint despite the controversial finish to the Twenty20 Cup final at Trent Bridge. Leicestershire edged home by four runs but Jim Allenby's final delivery was extremely close to a no-ball for being over waist height.

However, following the result Newell said the issue would now be laid to rest despite being unhappy at the umpire's decision. Asked if he thought it should have been called, Newell said: "Yes. But I won't be mentioning it to the umpires. They're not going to change their minds now.

"I don't feel robbed as such but I'm a little disappointed as I thought it was fairly clear, but it happens I suppose. I assume either umpire could have called it had they seen it but Leicestershire were already celebrating, so it was a tough situation and if they don't see it they don't see it."

But Samit Patel, who was interviewed moments after the match finished, was less restrained in his comments. "It was clearly a no-ball and it's cost us a chance to win the final," he told Sky Sports. "We got so close but someone has to lose and it's us today."

However, winning skipper Jeremy Snape disagreed, insisting that the decision to allow the delivery was in line with the policy the umpires had followed all day. "I had complete faith in the umpires," he said. "We got in a winning position and Jimmy [Allenby] - credit to him - bowled a great last couple."

Heavy rain was falling during the closing stages of the final and Snape said that played a part in the frantic finish. "The ball was wet and the bowlers had rags to control the ball in the rain so it was hard but we've seen balls at that height all day not being called."

Leicestershire have become the first team to win two Twenty20 titles but Snape is not getting carried away by the success. "We're only four years in so we're not going crazy about making history but we're really pleased.

"It was tough but we believed we could come and win and credit to the spinners, they have been big match-winners for us all season."