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All the chances Pakistan missed in the field in New Zealand's first innings

Pakistan dropped more catches than they took, apart from leaking well over 50 extras

Shaheen Afridi sinks to his knees as Mohammad Rizwan drops Henry Nicholls, New Zealand vs Pakistan, 2nd Test, Christchurch, 3rd day, January 4, 2021

Shaheen Afridi sinks to his knees as another chance goes down  •  Getty Images

On their way to a record partnership on the third day in Christchurch, Kane Williamson and Henry Nicholls were dropped at least twice each, which helped them score a double-century and a century respectively, and demoralise Pakistan. Here are all the chances the Pakistan fielders let go of in New Zealand's first innings.
69.2 - Williamson dropped on 82
Naseem Shah to Williamson, FOUR, dropped in the slips! Pokes at an away-going delivery, extra bounce, he's looking to punch on the up but gets a thick outside edge that goes between the two slip fielders. Oh, dear. Masood and Haris the men there.
73.6 - Williamson dropped on 107
Faheem Ashraf to Williamson, no run, Shan Masood has put down another one at gully! Width, Williamson cuts but this flies off the edge because of extra bounce, Masood a tad late moving to his left, got his hands to it but couldn't hold on.
80.5 - Nicholls dropped on 86
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Nicholls, no run, dropped by the keeper! This combination worked when the bowler overstepped. It doesn't when it's a legal delivery. And a good one too. Afridi's ability to get seam movement is really special. So is his accuracy at high pace. He draws Nicholls into a lazy drive. Thick edge. Simple take for the keeper moving to his left. And yet... Nicholls threw his head back, certain he was gone. Umpire Chris Brown had even raised his finger up. And poor Afridi just sank to his knees, wondering why good luck hates him.
91.5 - Nicholls on dropped 92
Mohammad Abbas to Nicholls, no run, has that been put down at gully? Yes, Azhar Ali this time. Nicholls looks to flay this behind point but the length is much fuller, gets a thick edge and the regulation chance goes down. Oh dear. Another life for Nicholls.
107.6 - Nicholls dropped on 133
Naseem Shah to Nicholls, no run, ooooh, he tried so hard. He really really tried so hard. Poor Naseem Shah. He manages to see a plan through to completion. Bouncing Nicholls over and over and waiting to see if his patience runs out. It does here as he backs away and baseballs it down the ground. Shah leaps up and sticks out his left hand, it doesn't stick, but pops straight back up in the air. So he looks to pick up the rebound, diving further to his left, but it doesn't land in his hands once more. So unfortunate.
123.1 - Williamson dropped on 177
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Williamson, 1 run, dropped by Azhar at gully. It goes quickly to him. He needs to dive to his right. His hands are stinging from the pain and they're already wrapped up in tape. All that make it a challenge, but it really should have been taken. Williamson could have been out first ball after the break as he went for that patented dab to third man.
154.2 - Jamieson dropped on 10
Naseem Shah to Jamieson, 1 bye, put down by Rizwan down leg. Have to call it straightforward. Went for another hook, got some glove, a big deflection too. Rizwan just a tad late to move to his left.
154.6 - Mitchell dropped on 79
Naseem Shah to Mitchell, 2 runs, What is happening? Now Gohar has put down one at deep midwicket. He misjudged the ball, ran in and then had to turn back. Mitchell didn't get hold of the pull, in the end Gohar put in a goalkeeper-like dive but couldn't hang on. Naseem is disappointed and why not. He's had a shocker of a Test, and now nothing to show for in the wickets column.
And, a little add-on, one that they almost dropped...
20.4 - Latham dropped and caught on 33
Shaheen Shah Afridi to Latham, OUT, taken on the rebound! Second slip dropped it! First slip takes it! Pakistan have two in two! Only this team can pull off things like this. Afridi who has looked toothless with the new ball comes back and delivers a beauty. The exact kind of ball left-handers hate. Angling into him, and then holding the line to take the edge. Latham pushes hard at it, which is why it goes to Masood at second slip, who is having a horrible match and it could have gotten worse as he shells the ball coming so quickly at him, but Sohail's freakish reflexes bail him out as he gets down low and grabs the rebound.