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'Pitch leg, hit off'

South Africa's speediest quick answers readers' queries about his favourite mode of dismissal, passing on trade secrets in the IPL, and more

Dale Steyn will miss the third Test with a broken thumb, England v South Africa, 3rd Test, Edgbaston, July 29, 2008

'You have got to train your body to work under stress, but always at pace'  •  Getty Images

1. This last season was a great one for cricket in South Africa. What was your greatest moment this year? asked Norman from South Africa
Our wins in England and Australia, but making 76 and taking 10 wickets against Australia in Melbourne was awesome.
2. I can bowl decent outswingers, including ones that swerve in the air. But I struggle to bowl inswingers. How do I rectify that? asked Sudarshan from India
Bowling out/away swing could be either natural or just your bowling action. Get a bowling coach to have a look and work out what you do. From there it is just simple, change the shiny side around in your hand.
3. You are among the rarest of bowlers, in that you bowl fast and swing it both ways. How do you manage both pace and swing? asked C White from the UK
I was always decent pace, but after years of training and experimenting in the nets I have developed what I have now.
4. What form of dismissal do you enjoy the most? asked Jared Crew from Australia
Pitch leg, hit off.
5. I'm a fast bowling allrounder. I want to know: what is the best way of staying fit so I can perform to my potential? asked Punit from Wagh
Whatever training you do, do it at pace as a fast bowler. You have got to train your body to work under stress, but always at pace.
6. You have not been able to repeat your Test-match success in the shorter formats of the game. It's said that you haven't learnt how to vary your pace and your length. Do you agree? asked Manny Kruger from South Africa
My domestic record shows I have done okay, but the international level is far tougher. With more games I will start to improve.
7. Which fast bowler do you think is the greatest of all time, and why? asked Shayar from the USA With cricket evolving so much it is not easy to make comparisons, but Shaun Pollock and Glenn McGrath in the new era with their records remain legends forever.
8. Your outswinger, is it natural or did you have to develop it? Do you find it hard sometimes to just bowl straight? asked Mustafa from the USA
Natural away shape. I hold it across the seam to bowl straight.
9. Given an option, what would you prefer to hunt down, a croc or Virender Sehwag? asked Ashish from India
Croc. Ha ha.
10. I am also a fast bowler and I was wondering if there was something that I could do to help generate extra pace while bowling? asked Abhijit Sirvel from the USA
Extra pace is generated in the gym and pool. Your bowling action can also account for pace, but your body has to be flexible to achieve pace.
11. With the competition being so intense, how do you not pass on information about weaknesses of your country team mates to your IPL colleagues? Or do you? asked Pratik from the USA
The IPL has some of the best players in the world. In our team meetings often I don't even get the chance to say a word!