India's umpires committee has proposed that Shavir Tarapore replace Suresh Shastri in the ICC international panel of umpires, which is one level below the ICC Elite panel. Last year India had nominated Amiesh Saheba and Shastri for the international panel. While Saheba retains his place - he will be officiating in the upcoming Zimbabwe-Bangladesh ODIs - Shastri loses out on his place.
The two umpires in the international panel get to stand in home ODIs, and a few others as in the case of Saheba in Zimbabwe. They are rated during those matches, and accordingly promoted by the ICC - first to a few Tests, and based upon ratings there to the Elite panel.
It is worth noting that India has not been represented in the Elite panel since former Test player S Venkataraghavan retired from umpiring in 2004. The BCCI tied up with Cricket Australia last year to arrange training programmes for Indian umpires, whose second installment commenced today. Simon Taufel, like last year, was in charge of the workshop. Ratnakar Shetty, the BCCI's chief administrating officer, said it was an issue that they had identified needed attention.
"We can't set a time frame for it [getting an umpire in the Elite panel]," Shetty said. "The person we nominate on ICC international umpire has to get results. There is a system of rating, only if he is good enough he goes to the next step.
"I wouldn't say we are very happy with it. Accordingly, therefore, there is a change. Last year we had Amiesh Saheba and Suresh Shastri on the international panel. The umpires committee has proposed that instead of Suresh Shastri, Shavir Tarapore represent India at the international panel."
Shastri last officiated in a Test in July 2007 and an ODI in November 2007. Tarapore has stood in three ODIs, last of which came in March 2002. He stood in the 2008-09 Ranji Trophy final.