The football World Cup hasn't been kind to the various Test nations, so most cricketers seem to have arbitrarily selected another team to support. Approximately 80% of all their tweets have been on this topic. None are produced below. Cricketers, take note: no one cares whether Brazil or Belgium are "your team". Shut up about it.

The results
Andrew Flintoff alludes to England's football performance, as well as their defeat to Sri Lanka.

The means of propulsion
Someone tell Simon Jones that there are quicker and more efficient ways to move about.

They can also be a way backwards, depending how you do them.

The well-wishes
Saqlain Mushtaq's becoming more and more generous with your time.

And you have a good year, Saqlain.

The layabout
Prefer Hobart winters to summers hands down.

Is that because of the shorter hours at your day job?

The pastime

The tantrum

No chucking, Steven. Let's see a nice straight arm.

The self-interest
Kevin Pietersen's worried about the integrity of the game…

… and the impact changes might have on his own statistical achievements.

The absent friend
In the last Twitter round-up, we got to see the tense relationship between David Warner and Nathan Lyon, which seemed to revolve around the former bullying the latter and the latter not paying for things. How are they getting on?

Either there's a bill to be paid, or you've scared him off.

The appetite

Does it occur to Broad that for each steak he eats, his body weight will increase by the weight of one steak? This is therefore an unattainable goal.

Life with Kemar Roach
Kemar was looking forward to going home this week.

But would it live up to his lofty expectations?

Yes. Yes, it would.

Nando's Watch
Nando's is still out. But for how long? Cricketers struggle to stray too far from familiarity.

The non-jetlag sleeping problems

Does that include great sporting moments in which you have actively taken part?

The final word

Alex Bowden blogs at King Cricket