Yes, it's the latest instalment of ESPNcricinfo's Twitter round-up. Settle down as we tackle all the most pressing questions of our times.

To be served with spam, no doubt.

Ain't no flirting like automated flirting from an account littered with dodgy affiliate links.

Quick check on Kevin Pietersen. He's been working hard of late. Is he resting yet?

He'll be resting soon, though.

Flavoured lager. Favoured tipple of both underage drinkers and grown men who are almost certainly being paid to feign enthusiasm.

He's not the only one with beer on his mind either.

More beer. Although after winning the County Championship, it seems unlikely this night was as quiet as Warne's.

This Jack Brooks selfie after the Professional Cricketers' Association Awards appears to tell a similar story.

A large part of the art of the selfie is the justification for taking one. You can't just do it for no reason. Like Brooks, you have to provide some sort of half-decent excuse.

Other meals are also available.

One of the best excuses for a selfie is, of course, that you're on some form of transport. Virat Kohli knows this.

And the form of transport most likely to elicit a selfie is an aeroplane.

We've no idea why. It just is.

It's like Hashim Amla says.

Finally, somewhere in the world there is always a cricketer complaining about air travel.

Beats a Neil Diamond documentary, we suppose.

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