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Pattinson injury-afflicted yet again


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Cloud over Pattinson's immediate future

Fast bowler James Pattinson's international future is clouded, after scans showed a recurrence of shin stress problems, following his exertions for Australia in their recent Test series victory in New Zealand.

"James had a recurrence of his left shin soreness following the second Test in Christchurch and had follow-up scans in Melbourne yesterday," Australia physio David Beakley said. "These scans have shown some inflammation around the shin consistent with bone stress. James will now require some time off to allow this injury to resolve and will not be available for the remainder of the domestic cricket season."

After working to find his rhythm in Wellington, Pattinson bowled with pace, hostility and accuracy in Christchurch, while also gaining useful reverse swing. However his demanding stints at Hagley Oval, including one eight-over spell in which he claimed two vital wickets, have taken a toll.

The shin soreness had been a problem for Pattinson earlier in the summer. Following the West Indies series, he was unavailable for Big Bash League and Sheffield Shield duty until immediately before the New Zealand tour began. He had admitted previously that he was gambling on his maturing body being able to cope with the stresses of his action, which has been modified several times in order to try to reduce chances of an injury.

After his debut against New Zealand in November 2011, Pattinson was first ruled out of Australian duty by a foot stress fracture at the SCG in January 2012. He did not return to the team until South Africa's visit in November of the same year, whereupon he suffered a torn side in Adelaide and resumed on the tour of India the following year. He then suffered further injury during the Lord's Ashes Test, and was out of Test cricket until the third Test of the 2014 tour of South Africa due to a back stress fracture.

Having bowled well there, Pattinson was found to have suffered the early signs of more back stress, and was again kept out of international cricket for a long time, not playing a Test again until Hobart against the West Indies last December.

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  • Reetam on March 2, 2016, 15:38 GMT

    @Jayzuz:That's because the last time u played in Asia was way back in 2014. 10-0 over 12 tests in UAE and India since 2008!!! Dont know if any team has had such a bad away record over so long a time, 10-0 in 12 tests in 8 yrs!!! India played more than 1 entire yr of tests(total 13) outside Asia only in 2013-2015 CWC. Can u guys even think abt playing 1 entire year of test matches only in Asia??? First of all u guys dont play in Asia too much, on top of dat cancel the few and far tours on every pretext. Look at the stats India played 21 tests outside Asia excluding WI in 3 yrs (2011-2014), u guys have played just 15 in Asia from 2008-2016(8 yrs!!). Even if u dont agree, rest assure that u still wont keep ur no1 ranking next yr, even after playing so little in Asia, cancelling tours u wont be no 1 post ur next tour of India. Dont know if any team has had such a bad away record over so long a time, 10-0 in 12 tests in 8 yrs!!!

  • Russell on March 2, 2016, 15:12 GMT

    @JOHNNYTHOMAS: I can see Mitch Marsh ending up batting at 8 and being one of the three frontline seam bowlers. Give him a year or two in the side as the 4th bowler, bat him at 7, let him develop. The one advantage he has over most Australian fast bowlers at the moment is that he isn't injured and he hasn't retired

  • John on March 2, 2016, 13:25 GMT

    @BEERTJIE yeah good point although i think MM has some bowling ability, he didn't deliver much against NZ and his batting...well he's a number 8 or 9 as everyone knows.

  • David on March 2, 2016, 11:46 GMT

    MUZIKA_TCHAIKOVSKOGO, England also looked quite incompetent at times during the Ashes, so what is your point? As for working hard vs the Indians, the prime factor was the ridiculously batsman-friendly wickets the Aus admin put down to avoid the thrashings the Indians got the previous time. India never looked like taking twenty wickets at any point in the series. Even in Adelaide, which some Indians use as evidence of Indian strength because they "almost won", they only took 12 wickets. An artificial finish was set up by Smith, declaring twice at 7 and 5 down. Other than that, India had no chance. The fact is, Australia has the best home and away record in tests in the last 18 months, and that is simple math - no losses at home, and won 8/14 away. Thus the #1 ranking is a reasonable reflection of their success.

  • David on March 2, 2016, 11:37 GMT

    Doesn't sound like a serious injury to me. Just needs a few weeks rest, and being right at the end of the season, he's not going to play any more games.

  • Jose on March 2, 2016, 11:11 GMT

    First feeling:

    Quite gutted for such a good attacking bowler, who can instill some fear in any batsman's mind. There is something in his personality which adds more than Starc or Josh (or a few others, except perhaps Cummins) can provide.

    The followup thought:

    Australians look the fittest among all nationals. How come, they are getting injured so often. Australia has some of the best trainers physios & other sports-medicine -practitioners. Why this...?

    And, Pattinson isn't the only one?....


    Is it the workload?

    The inimical pitches (inimical to the bowlers)?

    Stretching beyond their limits?

    Heavy competition for the limited slots in the XI?

    Whatever it is, it just isn't good.

    I had been generally feeling bad for bowlers, all over the world, since they had been used as fodder to help batsmen exercise their 'popeyed' spinach fed muscular forearms.

    These incidences make me angry, rightly or wrongly.

  • Merv on March 2, 2016, 9:54 GMT

    I still think there is too much reliance on sports medicine in these decisions. If they are out for an extended period like Pattinson, or judged like to be so, then they should be off contract. I suspect that they would be back faster and for longer.

  • Merv on March 2, 2016, 9:53 GMT

    @SWARK yes and they all came back and had memorable, exciting careers.

  • Mashuq on March 2, 2016, 9:28 GMT

    Actually, @Johnny Thomas, the fitness of the present bunch of quicks is very closely connected to "the more pressing concerns in finding a number 6", since their likelihood in breaking down is being used by the selection panel to justify the continued selection of that good bowling 'all-rounder' Mitchell Marsh! I appreciate that logic, but I'd prefer them to extend that search to guys like Faulkner instead of sticking to MM come what may.

  • Terry on March 2, 2016, 8:34 GMT

    In the midst of this good call on Ryan Harris as Australia's new bowling coach. Recent Test experience and a real thinking bowler. Go Rhino!

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