John Wright's successor May 18, 2005

Sandhu wants to be Indian coach

Cricinfo staff

Who will be India's new coach? With the BCCI on the verge of interviewing condidates for the job, another contender has thrown his hat into the ring. Balwinder Singh Sandhu, a qualified coach and a member of India's World Cup-winning team of 1983, has announced that he would like the job.

Speaking to reporters, Sandhu said: "I feel I should also be one of the contenders for the national job. If not as a regular coach, at least as a bowling coach." He refused to speak out against India having a foreign coach, but did say that he didn't believe that the current players necessarily wanted a foreigner for the job.

Sandhu has coached Mumbai, among other sides, and is currently the bowling coach at the National Cricket Academy in Bangalore. He seems to be throwing his hat in the ring rather late, after it has already been fenced off, but in Indian cricket, one never knows.