India's next coach June 7, 2005

Chappell's contract details worked out

Cricinfo staff

Greg Chappell: allowed to continue his media commitments © Getty Images

Greg Chappell's contract details have all been worked out and he will be able to continue his media commitments, the Indian cricket board has confirmed. Chappell, the former Australian captain who was recently appointed coach of the Indian national team, is expected to arrive in India on June 15 and has requested the board to enlist two experts as part of his support staff.

"The contract details are all worked out and BCCI secretary SK Nair will hand it over to Chappell when he comes to India this month," Ranbir Singh Mahendra, the board president, told The Times of India. Nair added that they were "already looking for a well-furnished flat for Chappell and his wife" and said that his daily allowance would be equal to the amount that the players receive. Chappell will be entitled to 70 days of leave every year and will also be eligible for a share in the logo money.

With regard to Chappell's media commitments, Nair said that he could "express his thoughts and expressions" through a newspaper column or news channel. However, he added that Chappell will "not be permitted to leak out any team secret".

Meanwhile the board also confirmed that Chappell has requested the services of Ian Frazer and Charles Krebs as part of his support staff. Frazer, the former Victorian player, is an expert in the biomechanics of bowling while Krebs is a specialist in Kinesiology - the scientific study of man's movement and the movements of equipment that he might use in exercise, sport or other forms of physical activity. Jyoti Bajpai, treasurer of the board, confirmed this to The Khaleej Times and said, "We have asked Chappell to furnish details of their experience and expertise as well as the remuneration they expect."