The Indian batsman says the 'Mumbai boo' was overblown by media March 25, 2006

Tendulkar rules out retirement

'I have more well wishers than the small section of the crowd at the Wankhede Stadium that day' - Sachin Tendulkar © Getty Images
Booed by his home fans, plagued by a prolonged slump and battling a fresh injury, Sachin Tendulkar's cup of woes may be brimming over but he's all set to fight the odds. The recent reversals notwithstanding, Tendulkar is clear that his reflexes have not slowed down and believes there is "nothing to be concerned about" as of now.

Tendulkar, in an interview with Outlook, a weekly, also scotched any speculation about retirement, saying he had been "batting well" and just needed some luck to turn things around. Asked specifically if he was contemplating retirement, he replied, "I am not interested in this question".

On his failures in three consecutive Test series, Tendulkar said "I feel I have been batting well. I have made one odd mistake and paid the price. Batsmen sometimes get away with bad shots and are fortunate to see some catches get dropped. I just feel that luck needs to be a bit more on my side. I am not overly worried because everyone goes through such a phase. I think it is a part and parcel of life. As long as I know from the bottom of my heart that I am trying my best, it is OK,"

Tendulkar added he had been speaking to former players for advice. "I speak with senior players who have actually gone through such things and how they dealt with such situations - it makes a huge difference to your confidence... it is important to stay calm mentally.

"I know exactly what is happening but sometimes getting guidance from seniors who have played a lot of cricket helps. I have some very good people around who share their thoughts with me. One of them is Greg Chappell. Ravi Shastri and Sunil Gavaskar are there too. Talking to them helps."

Tendulkar, ruled out of competitive cricket to undergo a shoulder surgery, felt he was happy with his current form. "I don't believe that my reflexes have slowed down," he continued. "I am quite happy with the way my feet move when I am at the crease. I like the way I was middling the ball both at Karachi and Mumbai. I believe I am getting in the right positions to play each delivery."

On being booed by his home crowd at the Wankhede Stadium during the third Test against England, he said, "I thought the issue was blown out of proportion by the media. It wasn't that bad. I have more well wishers than the small section of the crowd at the Wankhede Stadium that day. I have to ignore them. I cannot forget the backing I have got from the people all these years just because of this."