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Badrinath wants to 'make a statement' to selectors

ESPNcricinfo staff

S Badrinath, the India batsman, is eager to make a comeback to the national team and will use the upcoming domestic season to "make a statement" to the selection panel.

"I want to make a statement this season. It's not just with words, I want to do it with my bat," Badrinath told Deccan Chronicle. "I want to do something big which will let the national selectors know that I'm here to perform. And that's what I tried to do two years ago when I was the highest run-getter [in 2010-11]. I want to give my best and play with authority."

Badrinath made a half-century on Test debut at home against South Africa in 2010 but got only one more Test before being dropped. He was picked in the ODI team for the West Indies tour after a strong performance in the 2010-11 domestic season, where he finished as the highest run-getter in the first-class format, scoring 1226 runs in 12 matches. After VVS Laxman retired from international cricket in August 2012, Badrinath was selected in the India squad for the Tests against New Zealand but didn't get a game. He hasn't played for India since June 2011, when he got three ODI innings in West Indies but failed to capitalise.

When asked how he felt about his continued exclusion, Badrinath said: "I would love to hear an answer from someone. I don't have an answer. I scored a fifty on my Test debut against South Africa and we lost that match. We won the next match with me having just one hit with the bat. I haven't played a Test since then.

"After Laxman retired, I was drafted into the team against New Zealand but I didn't play a single match and, in the next series, I lost my place. After that I never got a chance. I don't want to complain or sulk saying that I haven't been in the team. I'm approaching this season with my fate in my hands."

While he continues to be ignored by the India selectors, Badrinath has enjoyed success under the national captain MS Dhoni in the IPL, with 1441 runs in 67 innings at a strike-rate of 118.89 for his franchise Chennai Super Kings. Badrinath said that while Twenty20 did not come naturally to him, he had adapted well to the format.

"T20 is not my natural game. I have a different set of skills and I don't think stamping authority means only hitting sixes," Badrinath said. "Playing a crucial role in winning is important. I know I'm not a [Suresh] Raina or a Dhoni. I have played a few ODIs for the country and a lot of List A and T20 domestic matches. I would like to be known as a player who can play all the three formats. I don't want to be branded as a Test or ODI or T20 player. I have always strived to be a cricketer for all seasons. I have been doing well for CSK under pressure situations."

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  • James on August 15, 2013, 2:29 GMT

    Badrinath is a good player who lost out because India's batting was world standard for almost a decade. However it does seem odd that he has performed year after year in the domestic season, and does not get much chancpes, whereas someone like Dinesh Karthik gets to play on the basis of reasonable performance over one season. For the Rohit Sharma baiters- this information should be adequate- he is yet to play a single test, whereas the less technically equipped (for tests) like Raina has played 17 tests, Karthik 23 tests (more than half of these as a specialist batsman), Murali Vijay - 27 tests, Abhinav Mukund 5 tests. Badrinath is good enough even at 33 to make it into tests. He should try to make his point further by performing well for another Ranji season.

  • Dummy4 on August 13, 2013, 4:43 GMT

    The debate had started unnecessarily on certain players holding accountable for not getting nod for S. Badrinath. Another fan xrocks is holding MSD apart from Raina & Yuvraj. It is batsman duty to face Styne not night watchmen. His last 2 domestic record shows he is not in top 50 run getters. See for 2011/12 season,;type=tournament Please check last 8 domestic seasons. It shows R. M. Vijay, mukund, D. Karthik, Prasanna most consistent performers in Badri's Local team Tamil Nadu. Badri was good in 2010/11 only. If he press his candidature by performing in domestic season, it will be great thing. He will get 2 to 3 Ranji games before SA tour against Sevices, MP & UP. His good performance will be accountable for next IND tour. He is unlikely to get select for SA tour purely based on last 2 dismal domestic seasons, his 3 Test innings of 56,6,1 & ODI innings of 27,6,6,17,DNB,11,12.

  • Subramaniam on August 12, 2013, 22:18 GMT

    @Mandu Bharadhwaj - Badri is always a class player.You must have watched him bat only in the IPL and so don't comment on his shuffling and stuff based on that.The great Lara too shuffled across and had a high back lift.So is Chanderpaul. Pujara too has back lift stances with bat coming from gully or 3rd slip.If Raina and Yuvi can play more tests with their very mediocre techniques, what more Badri need to do?Of course his career coincided with the greats of Indian cricket.But he deserved a place once VVS retired.But it was Raina who just scored 58 runs in the two test series with a highest score of 55 against a mediocre Nz attack.But Badri played against Steyn and Morkel and scored a fighting 50 and was a victim of Dhoni's act by sending him under fading light with just 4 overs left for the day instead of a night watchman.Get your facts right.

  • Sandip on August 12, 2013, 20:58 GMT

    Some fans are pressing for S. Badrinath unnecessarily without knowing his recent domestic performance. His last domestic inning against Baroda was scoreless in Ranji trohy 2012/13. See

    His last 3 innings in IPL 2013 were also scoreless. See

    He is not among 50 best run scorers in domestic Ranji Trophy 2012/13 (most recent). Jiwanjot Singh is heading this list with outstanding performances. Others notable are Jaffer, Rahane, Rayudu, Rohit, P. Patel, Kaif, D. Karthik & many. See;type=tournament

    We should check the recent form which is important criteria for selection. Just because someone have more domestic fans than international doesn't mean he is good to play for IND with poor form. We must have national selective approach than regional. Sad to say it doesn't exist in IND

  • Manthiswaran on August 12, 2013, 18:59 GMT

    Badri is few of Domestic players who has more fan followers than the international players!! He is good stroke player who can play long innings for even 2 or 3 days!! He is Super test match material. He is at 33 and not having enough time left but he should not lose his hope as once SRT retires we don't have player who has strong domestic skill to replace him, hence Badri can fill his place for another 3 or 4 years till India finds better player for No.4 spot. Chris Roger who has got re chance at 35 is doing well in Ashes and Misbha who selected to national side at 33 is still playing. So Badri has to be given chance than other players.

  • Dummy4 on August 12, 2013, 17:59 GMT

    Continue from Prev.....

    Now why do we need to degrade other players for not getting chance to a particular player? Jaffer, kaif, Rahane, Tiwari & many are from unlucky list. So can we bash the others for them too? Selectors gave chances to Mukund, Woorkeri Raman, V. Rathod, Deep Dasgupta & many others. We don't remind them. I am not against any of IND players and Badri too. But don't let down much promising players even if they didn't perform up to very high IND standard expectations.

    By the way ......It is harsh to compare Badri with likes of Dravid, Sachin or Yuvi & Raina. We have 6 places for batsmen and nearly 20+ players are fighting for these 6 positions. It is too tough to get in IND team. Yuvi, Raina, Rohit, Tiwari, Rahane, katrhik, Vijay, Gambhir & many are still struggling to get in or to make comeback.

  • Dummy4 on August 12, 2013, 17:45 GMT

    @ Ravi Narala

    Any class player in Dravid's mould must have sound technique & great compactness. One of the best examples are Pujara & Dhawan now. Watching the ball till the end is must in Test having good composed initial stance & bat behind & nearest to the body. Badri has back lift stances with bat coming from gully or 3rd slip. In addition to this, he has tentative pushing habit and half cock movement to go whether on front foot or back foot. Because of this, he is prime candidate for bowled, lbw of caught behind unless he could correct with measures. His current record also is not competitive with current IND probales. We Indian always compare player with another player for not getting nod which is absolute rubbish. Yuvi made debut on 16 Oct 2003 & played 40 Tests till 5 Dec 2012 whereas Raina played 17 Tests since 2010. IND played 101 Tests for this period. Both had wonderful ODI record so as for selection for Tests. ...To be continued.....

  • Arul on August 12, 2013, 9:30 GMT

    Not everyone is lucky like RSharma or Raina (or Yuvi). People want them to perform irrespective of they are good enough in certain formats. RSharma, nearly 100 ODI, still yet to perform a substantial innings. He will get another 100 matches for sure, hoping he would perform one day. Poor Badri, got couple of innings, thats all. He is just having 60+ avg and 9k runs in domestic, what else people need? may be a change of birth place or relative/son of a former player?.

  • Nikhil on August 12, 2013, 9:06 GMT

    At 33 its going to be tough for Badri to retain his place even if makes a come back...