Andrew Hall February 16, 2014

'Get a new helmet, I'm going to hit you again'

Andrew Hall on the cricketers he admired growing up, and the time he knocked Paul Harris over

First hero
There were two guys I really admired growing up: Clive Rice and Jimmy Cook. I used to watch a lot of cricket and I always used to be down at the Wanderers whenever I had a chance. When the rebel series started I went to watch a couple of times. Jimmy was especially big for me. I used to be a wicketkeeper when I was younger and I always watched him to see how he did things. The pair was a big influence.

First experience of international cricket
My debut came in 1999 against West Indies. It was absolutely incredible to play under Hansie Cronje. From the moment I first walked into the dressing room he was brilliant. He welcomed me into the team, spoke to me briefly and then we went out for a practice session. They are great memories.

First time I hurt a batsman
I didn't bowl very much as a youngster but there was one incident that sticks out in my mind. I hit Paul Harris, the South African spinner, once and we still have a laugh about it. I ran up and banged him on the side of the helmet and knocked him to the ground. What I said afterwards sticks in my mind too! I said, "Mate, get up and get a doctor on, and get a new helmet too, as I'm going to hit you again!"

First time I was in awe of someone in the dressing room
My first experience of being in awe of someone - or some people - came when I got into the first team of the Transvaal side. I came in and they had Jimmy Cook, who played for South Africa, still playing. Richard Snell and Steven Jack were in there too and they were real international players. I really looked up to them, especially as at the time I was only a youngster making my way in the game.

First time I played on TV
I was quite nervous when I first started playing games that were televised. There was a deal in South Africa, when I was playing for Transvaal, that most of our one-day games were played on Friday nights. They were floodlit and they liked to make a big thing of them. My third game in the competition was televised and I really worried about it beforehand. You're shaky but then you get over it. Once I went on the field all I was thinking was about playing for Transvaal and not the cameras.