Match Details


Thailand Women , elected to bat first

Player Of The Match


Hours of play (local time)

start 13.30, First Session 13.30-14.50, Interval 14.50-15.10, Second session 15.10-16.30

Match days

15 January 2019 (20-over match)

Women's T20I debut

Reserve Umpire


Thailand Women 2, Indonesia Women 0

Indonesia Wm 2nd innings Partnerships

1st0Y AnggraeniAD Avianty
2nd6A AndrianiAD Avianty
3rd0A AndrianiYuliana
4th0A AndrianiBD Pare
5th9A SulistianingsihBD Pare
6th4P HaryantiBD Pare
7th2P HaryantiNW Sariani
8th9NKF Rada RaniNW Sariani
9th1NKF Rada RaniE Eduard
10th1N SitompulNKF Rada Rani