Walworth, Jul 12 - 13 1797, England Domestic Season
151 & 93
(target 102)143 & 102/6
Surrey-Middx won by 4 wickets
England 1st INNINGS
Andrew Freemantle c Ingram4-----
Jack Small c Ingram18-----
W Wells c Robinson13-----
John Hammond  b Beldham81-----
William Fennex run out 17-----
Thomas Ray  b Wells2-----
James Aylward run out 10-----
Thomas Boxall  b T Walker0-----
W Gunnell  b T Walker3-----
John Tanner not out 3-----
Thomas Taylor  b T Walker0-----
Fall of wickets: 10-151
John Wells010.00---00
Tom Walker030.00---00
Billy Beldham010.00---00
Surrey and Middlesex 1st INNINGS
Tom Walker  b Boxall1-----
John Walker  b Tanner0-----
John Wells c Taylor6-----
Robert Robinson st †Hammond6-----
Billy Beldham  b Boxall46-----
Harry Walker  b Taylor48-----
Butler c Ray9-----
Thomas Ingram  b Taylor0-----
John Goldham  b Taylor0-----
John Beeston not out 6-----
N Graham c Taylor5-----
Extras(b 16)16
Fall of wickets: 10-143
Thomas Boxall020.00---00
Thomas Taylor030.00---00
John Tanner010.00---00
England 2nd INNINGS
Andrew Freemantle c H Walker26-----
Jack Small  b Wells9-----
W Wells c Butler6-----
John Hammond c Wells3-----
William Fennex  b Beldham35-----
Thomas Ray  b Wells0-----
James Aylward c J Walker3-----
Thomas Boxall  b Beldham2-----
W Gunnell run out 1-----
John Tanner  b Beldham8-----
Thomas Taylor not out 0-----
Fall of wickets: 10-93
John Wells020.00---00
Billy Beldham030.00---00
Surrey and Middlesex 2nd INNINGS (target: 102 runs)
Tom Walker  b Fennex4-----
John Walker  b Taylor2-----
John Wells run out 4-----
Robert Robinson run out 7-----
Billy Beldham not out 65-----
Harry Walker not out 3-----
Butler  b Boxall12-----
John Beeston run out 0-----
Extras(b 5)5
Thomas Boxall010.00---00
Thomas Taylor010.00---00
William Fennex010.00---00
Aram's New Ground, Montpelier Gardens, Walworth
Tossno toss
SeriesEngland Domestic Season
Match daysday (2-day match)
FC debut
John Tanner
John Tanner
W Gunnell
W Gunnell
Balls per over4
Wed, 12 Jul - day 1 - unknown
Thu, 13 Jul - day 2 - Surrey-Middx 2nd innings 102/6 - end of match
  • Surrey and Middlesex Captain not named
  • England Captain not named
  • Surrey and Middlesex Wicket-keeper not named
  • Surrey and Middlesex 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • England 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • Surrey and Middlesex 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • England 2nd innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
  • The sources are unanimous that this game began the same day as the previous match ended, meaning that Aylward, Goldham, Graham and Ray must have hurried across London from Lord's. Gunnell is assumed to be the senior of the two Mitcham players of this name, i.e. W Gunnell, rather than J Gunnell who was to make a single appearance in an important match in 1810.
  • SB has W Bullen playing instead of Taylor, but no contemporary source has been found for this. Buckley in Fresh Light on Pre-Victorian Cricket notes 'Bullen vice Taylor' but the Morning Herald, which he cites, does not appear to contain any such statement. It is possible that Buckley was attempting to account for the presence of Bullen in the SB version when the list in MH of those due to play gives Taylor instead. Britcher, SM and Bentley all give Taylor and this is accepted.