1st Test, Durban, December 26 - 30, 2015, England tour of South Africa
303 & 326
(T:416) 214 & 174

England won by 241 runs

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4/69 & 3/47
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end of over 714 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 174/10CRR: 2.45 
Jean-Paul Duminy26 (59b 5x4)
Stuart Broad 13-5-29-1
Chris Woakes 10-5-25-1

12.05pm: It's been a Kingsmead corker, with England fizzing into the lead in this four-match series - you can read all about the champagne moment in Gnasher's report. South Africa only have a couple of days to regroup but they will do so at fortress Cape Town; we'll be back to bring you every ball of what should be another lip-smacking encounter. Thanks for your comments, as ever, and don't forget to join us again for the second Test starting on Saturday. Cheerio!

11.55am: Right, the players have left their spikes in the dressing rooms and are back on the field for the presentations. South Africa captain Hashim Amla: [Elgar performance] "It was great to see Dean at his best, the grit he showed and we're really happy with him. Can't fault the efforts of the bowlers, they've been exceptional in India, through the heat here as well, hats off to them. [Bowling first?] The pitch didn't do as much as we thought it might but at 40 for 3 you would definitely take that, our bowlers did well but our first innings let us down. I think it's more confidence, the only way you can do that is to get the runs. Players like myself need to get some runs and some confidence for the team. [Changes for Cape Town?] Dale Steyn is injured so I think there will be a replacement coming in for him and then we'll see what the selectors do. [England] They played really well, the series is going to be good and we'll be aiming to come back in Cape Town."

Bit of breaking news amid the post-match interviews: South Africa have added Quinton de Kock and Chris Morris to their squad for the second Test.

England captain Alastair Cook: "Yeah, the lads played really well, first morning was tough conditions to bat in, I thought Nick Compton coming back into Test cricket, he was a rock for us to bat around and then the way the bowlers performed was fantastic. We feel comfortable bowling in any conditions, it was quite similar to the UAE as it got slower and slower, aiming for off stump, so it was pretty easy to captain the guys. [Anderson fitness?] Reports are good, he's been bowling quite a lot and doing the rehab. It's a tough decision in some ways, the guys played really well but he's got 420 Test wickets. Time to prepare for Cape Town. We'll enjoy this afternoon but we know what a strong side SA are, the lads have done the hard work and really prepared for this tour. Thanks to all the supporters who followed us here, as always."

And Moeen Ali is named Man of the Match for his seven-wicket haul: [Pitch perfect for you?] "It was good but I still had a lot of work to do. I had the mindset to keep it tight for the guys but it was good to get some wickets. It's been tough but I'm really enjoying it. [Want to bat higher?] Not really, it's always nice to bat with the middle order but I feel at No. 8 I can come in and change the momentum of the game. I like to think of myself as an attacking spinner but it was nice to not go for many runs, too."

11.45am: It took less than a session, South Africa's famous will to not let the opposition win quickly broken. They've been Durbaned again, their fifth defeat in six Tests here, and the cracks in the XI appear gaping. England, by contrast, are a tight little right little unit and have secured a rare victory in the first Test of a series overseas. The first couple of days were fairly even but England then stretched their legs to dish out a comprehensive walloping. And there will now be just two days for the teams to turn around and lock horns again in Cape Town. Just how many of the South Africa side get to make back-to-back appearances remains to be seen - the last time they lost three Tests in a row was 2009.

Broad to Morkel, OUT

full and straight, pinned in front - Broad finishes it! Morkel reviews in the vain hope that some gremlin in the DRS will intervene, delaying England's fulfillment for a moment. It won't save Morkel, the ball struck him in line with off (umpire's call) and would have destroyed middle stump... Broad's celebrappeal was justified this time and England win by 241 runs to go 1-0 up in the series

Morne Morkel lbw b Broad 8 (20b 2x4 0x6 28m) SR: 40
Broad to Morkel, no run

Morkel continues to get into line

"How can South Africa be the world's number 1 team, given the clear frailties in their batting? Incapable of winning a test against Bangladesh [ed's note: it rained a lot], annihilated by India, being thrashed by England.... their reign at the top will soon come to an end." They've unquestionably been the best over the last three or four years, Richard Slater. Will take the rankings a while to catch up with such a sharp slump

Broad to Morkel, no run

length ball around off stump, 133kph and blocked solidly

Broad to Morkel, no run

gets across and lets this one bounce through

Broad to Morkel, no run

full again, slightly wider and Morkel swishes unsuccessfully at this one

Broad to Morkel, FOUR runs

full and juicy, asking Morkel to come forward... and he does, to good effect, bunting a drive wide of Moeen at mid-off that wins the race to the boundary

Ah, well, he won't be facing Moeen... Stuart Broad is limbering up again. Maybe we will get that first-baller

end of over 70Maiden
SA: 170/9CRR: 2.42 
Jean-Paul Duminy26 (59b 5x4)
Morne Morkel4 (14b 1x4)
Chris Woakes 10-5-25-1
Moeen Ali 26-9-47-3

"And now Amla, Elgar, van Zyl and Peidt have been out in the 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th ball." So what you're saying, Sha Mith, is we need one from the first ball to round things off nicely?

Woakes to Duminy, no run

pitched up, invites the drive and Duminy squires it to mid-off - so again Morkel will take the spinner

Woakes to Duminy, no run

full-length tempter outside off, 133kph and left alone

Woakes to Duminy, no run

pitched up and driven without much power towards mid-off

Woakes to Duminy, no run

on the stumps, Duminy plays across the line but turns down a single to deep square leg

Woakes to Duminy, no run

rising sharply off a length, lets this one go

Woakes to Duminy, no run

gets across his stumps and defends into the off side

end of over 694 runs
SA: 170/9CRR: 2.46 
Morne Morkel4 (14b 1x4)
Jean-Paul Duminy26 (53b 5x4)
Moeen Ali 26-9-47-3
Chris Woakes 9-4-25-1

"This is my 25th comment in this match and not the single got published.. so basically me and Broad are on 25 for 0... hope me n broad gets 1 before this match ends." Keep plugging away, rajendr. It's all about good areas

Moeen Ali to Morkel, no run

bowled him how did that miss off stump?! Morkel shouldered arms and the ball shaved a layer of paint off the woodwork... Still standing, is the big man

Moeen Ali to Morkel, no run

gets on the front foot and pokes into the covers

Moeen Ali to Morkel, no run

length on the stumps, Morkel swishes and it ricochets off pad, maybe bat, lands safely

Moeen Ali to Morkel, no run

back to defending, tapping the ball down on off

Moeen Ali to Morkel, FOUR runs

gives it some air, trying to tempt Morkel... and tempted he is, into smashing a lofted drive over mid-on and away for four

Moeen Ali to Morkel, no run

tossed up on the stumps and defended

Another chance for Moeen to finish things off

end of over 688 runs
SA: 166/9CRR: 2.44 
Jean-Paul Duminy26 (53b 5x4)
Morne Morkel0 (8b)
Chris Woakes 9-4-25-1
Moeen Ali 25-9-43-3

"Can we head the rankings again during this series, assuming we win all the Tests?" I think, Mike, the highest England can go is No. 4. Although that would dump SA down to No. 5

Woakes to Duminy, FOUR runs

two in a row, superbly timed back down the ground, Woakes thrust out a hand but couldn't get down to it

Woakes to Duminy, FOUR runs

super, smashing, great! Bull's eye from Duminy, getting on to the front foot and creaming a drive through the covers, doesn't bother to move

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