2nd Match (D/N), Pune, May 24, 2022, Women's T20 Challenge
(18.2/20 ov, T:151) 151/3

Velocity won by 7 wickets (with 10 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
71 (51) & 2 catches
Full commentary

Two out of the three teams, Supernovas and Velocity, now have a win. Trailbrazers need a big to make it to the finals. We have to wait till Thursday to find if they can. For now, the men's IPL is on and you can follow it here. It's goodbye from me, our scoring-commentating allrounders - Thilak and M Venkat Raghav.

After a big win yesterday, Supernovas were found lacking, particularly in the field. 150 was too small a score. When Shafali and Wolvaardt get going, what isn't?! Shafali's LBW given out was overturned on review. So, the luck was not on their side.

Deepti Sharma, Velocity Captain: The team's performance was excellent. (On using spin for 13 overs) I thought it was a slow, turning track. But the pacers did well, particularly Cross. That gave us a good platform. Sneh Rana taught a step to Kate Cross. That's where the celebration comes from. Everyone had a personal target, chasing 150 gives us confidence. Shafali's innings and Cross' spell gives a lot of confidence.

Shafali Verma, 51 (33) for Velocity: We wanted our batters to stay in the middle and put away loose balls. That was the plan. In the first innings, I noticed where the areas of scoring and judged the wind direction as well. (On touch shots) I have worked on them, I've tried a couple of them. The wicket was good and enjoyed batting. I think one ball at a time, so I was not focusing on any. (On being asked what the shots she's been practicing are) You'll find out in the next game. (laughs)

Harmanpreet Kaur, POTM and Supernovas Captain: We didn't do well in the field. We can't let go of chances and win. We started well in the first six and managed to finish well too. But the fielding had to be good to bring it all together. Last night's win was good. We'll have to watch where the next game goes. We'll have to improve to get back on track.

6:41 pm: Both batters leave with smiles. Both teams shake hands and look in good spirits. The win came on the back of excellent batting from Shafali Varma up top, Wolvaardt took time but once she got going, she flourished.

Dottin to Wolvaardt, 1 wide

Wolvaardt ducks under a bouncer. Square umpire calls it a wide.

Scores level

Dottin to Wolvaardt, SIX runs

Lifts a good length ball on the stumps over mid-on. The timing was so good that it cleared the fence. It brings up Wolvaardt's 50. She celebrates with a smile and a hug with her partnet

Dottin to Wolvaardt, no run

Good length on fourth stump, drives it with power to mid-on. Went along the ground but found the fielder

end of over 186 runs
VEL: 144/3CRR: 8.00 RRR: 3.50 • Need 7 runs from 12b
Deepti Sharma24 (25)
Laura Wolvaardt45 (33)
Alana King 4-0-20-0
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-32-0
King to Sharma, 2 runs

Brings out the aerial whip over midwicket to a full, wide ball. It was slow and it came off the bottom of the bat. Stopped in the deep

King to Wolvaardt, 1 run

Full down leg, Wolvaardt stepped down towards the pitch. Covered the spin even though she was not to the pitch of it. Drives it to long-off

Point moves to short fine leg

King to Sharma, 1 run

Slow and full around seventh stump, dragged with a sweep along the ground to deep-midwicket

King to Wolvaardt, 1 run

Manufactures a low full toss by coming down the ground, it was on the stumps and she stayed on the leg side. Whipped to long-off

King to Sharma, 1 run

Length outside off, dragged to deep-midwicket with a pull along the ground

King to Sharma, no run

Slow and wide on a length, comes down the track and drives it with a horizontal bat to cover. Played on the backfoot

Just 13 needed off the last three. Alana King returns

end of over 178 runs
VEL: 138/3CRR: 8.11 RRR: 4.33 • Need 13 runs from 18b
Deepti Sharma20 (21)
Laura Wolvaardt43 (31)
Sophie Ecclestone 4-0-32-0
Venkateshappa Chandu 2-0-23-0
Ecclestone to Sharma, 1 run

Clips a length ball over off to midwicket

Ecclestone to Wolvaardt, 1 run

Length ball outside off, pushed to long-off

Ecclestone to Wolvaardt, FOUR runs

Shuffles across to a length ball on middle and leg, whips it fine and Dottin cannot chase it down from short fine leg

Ecclestone to Wolvaardt, 1 wide

Good length down leg, tries the paddle pull. Beaten

Ecclestone to Sharma, 1 run

Goes back and clips a length ball on off to square leg

Ecclestone to Sharma, no run

Full on off, beaten on the sweep. Goes off the body to short third man

Ecclestone to Sharma, no run

Full outside off, flicked to the bowler


end of over 1611 runs
VEL: 130/3CRR: 8.12 RRR: 5.25 • Need 21 runs from 24b
Laura Wolvaardt38 (29)
Deepti Sharma18 (17)
Venkateshappa Chandu 2-0-23-0
Deandra Dottin 3-0-14-2


Chandu to Wolvaardt, FOUR runs

Wolvaardt surgically pierces the cover gap again. This time, it's off a yorker length ball and she creamed the drive. It was drilled in a whippy motion

Chandu to Wolvaardt, no run

Good length outside off, pushed in front of cover

Chandu to Sharma, 1 run

Harman at short fine leg gets a bad bounce from a one-handed sweep off a good length ball on leg. It lobs behind off hand but it's just one

Chandu to Wolvaardt, 1 run

Full outside off, lunges across and pushes it to long-off

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