1st T20I (N), Lahore, May 22, 2015, Zimbabwe tour of Pakistan
(19.3/20 ov, T:173) 173/5

Pakistan won by 5 wickets (with 3 balls remaining)

Player Of The Match
83 (45)
Full commentary

10.16 pm They came for a thriller and their team gave them one! It had their bowlers hitting stumps, it had their fielders dropping catches, it had a superb opening stand between two young batsmen, and it had the quintessential collapse. Pakistan were going to take their fans through all the emotions before the finish was provided by the crowd favourite, Shahid Afridi, with a brutal hit down the ground. Can you ask for more?

Zimbabwe played their part, putting up a strong total, thanks to a superb fifty from their captain Elton Chigumbura, and picked up the wickets towards the end. Had it not been for the 142-run opening stand between Mukhtar Ahmed , who hit a fantastic 83 and was Man of the Match, and Shehzad, who knows what could have happened. The home side now lead the two-match series 1-0. Thanks for your comments and feedback. We can all sleep easy today. Ciao ciao.

Alasdair Munn: "As usual Zim take it to the wire but don't convert. Hard work being a Zim fan as hopes are always raised but seldom realised. "

Panyangara to Afridi, FOUR runs

Lala doesn't like dramas! He smashes the low full toss over the bowler's head and finishes the job

Here he is. Lala is in. And the crowd finds its voice

Abdullah: "Pakistan " The drama Queen of cricket ""

Panyangara to Malik, OUT

he has got him! What a yorker is that! Malik's laboured innings comes to an end. He swings across the line but this one is too good, squeezes under the bat and hits the middle stump. What a time to bowl that delivery! Well done Panyangara

Shoaib Malik b Panyangara 7 (23m 14b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50

Mateen: "well gentlemen there are many other ways to say thanks to team ZIM"

Panyangara to Malik, 2 runs

superb yorker! But the batsman get back for a couple as this one is pushed in the gap at wide long-on

And we are into the last over. Six needed. Just one hit away, but where will they find it? Panyangara comes in to bowl. "Shoaib, Shoaib" goes the crowd!

end of over 195 runs
PAK: 167/4CRR: 8.78 RRR: 6.00
Shoaib Malik5 (12)
Sarfaraz Ahmed3 (4)
Chris Mpofu 3-0-32-0
Brian Vitori 4-0-24-1

Ali Abbas: "@Nitin: Is that a challenge? Because Pakistan can take you up on it"

Mpofu to Malik, 1 run

he has missed a full toss! All Malik can do is inside edge it on to his pads. If games were won with inside edges, Pakistan would have cruised in this over.

Mpofu taking time to set the fields

Faizii: "I was right... The self destruction button has been pressed by Pakistan.... I know this wont get posted...but just commenting.."

Mpofu to Malik, no run

looks to clobber this length delivery down the ground, but gets completely beaten by the pace. Ends up chopping it on the pitch

Mpofu to Sarfaraz, 1 run

looks to work away this length delivery to the leg side, but gets an inside edge on to his pads. The ball rolls behind the stumps and the two take a quick single

Mpofu to Sarfaraz, no run

poor delivery at this stage, it's down the leg side. Luckily for Mpofu, it flicks the pads on way to the keeper

Mpofu to Sarfaraz, 2 runs

fuller on the pads, the batsman gets an inside edge towards square leg. Had he missed, he would have been plumb lbw

Mpofu to Malik, 1 run

length delivery on off, the batsman makes room and chops it down to third man

11 off 12 balls needed. When did it come to this? Mpofu comes in

Nitin Chaudhary: "Surely Pakistan can't mess this up now... or can they?"

end of over 181 run • 1 wicket
PAK: 162/4CRR: 9.00 RRR: 5.50
Sarfaraz Ahmed0 (1)
Shoaib Malik3 (9)
Brian Vitori 4-0-24-1
Graeme Cremer 4-0-28-2

Samad Naqvi: "So with the efforts of four batsman for getting out now finally we can see the glimpse of lala :P"

Vitori to Sarfaraz, no run

length delivery on off, defended to mid-off

Sarfraz walks out to the middle

Vitori to Umar Akmal, OUT

Zimbabwe are loving this! Umar Akmal closes the face of his bat a bit too early and sends the leading edge straight to cover. This are gifts being given to Zimbabwe and they are lapping them all up

Umar Akmal c Sibanda b Vitori 4 (5m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33

A buzz in the crowd as they get a bit anxious. They want it to get over, now

Vitori to Umar Akmal, no run

back of length delivery on off, Umar hops on the crease and defends it to point

Vitori to Malik, 1 run

little width provided and Malik slides it to third man for a single

Shahyan: "Shoaib is the new Misbah!"

Vitori to Malik, no run

leans into the length delivery and pushes it to cover thist ime

Vitori to Malik, no run

comes forward and punches this beautifully, but hit straight to mid-off

Vitori comes back

Nikhil: "One more wicket for the loudest cheer.."

end of over 175 runs • 1 wicket
PAK: 161/3CRR: 9.47 RRR: 4.00
Umar Akmal4 (1)
Shoaib Malik2 (6)
Graeme Cremer 4-0-28-2
Sean Williams 4-0-33-1
Cremer to Umar Akmal, FOUR runs

he gets off the mark with a powerful pull to the cow corner boundary. It was short and was asking to be hit

Lahore boy Umar Akmal, playing his first game in Pakistan, comes in

Cremer to Hafeez, OUT

and the lecture is over! Hafeez looks to play the late cut but the extra bounce means he can only edge it to the gloves of Coventry. Will Pakistan get to cheer for Lala?

Mohammad Hafeez c †Coventry b Cremer 12 (12m 11b 1x4 1x6) SR: 109.09
Cremer to Hafeez, no run

lots of respect from Hafeez as well as he defends it to off

Cremer to Malik, 1 run

comes down the pitch, but has to pad it away as he realises he is not to the pitch of the delivery

Cremer to Malik, no run

more flight from Cremer, Malik defends

Cremer to Malik, no run

nicely tossed up, the batsman stays back and defends it to cover

Cremer continues

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