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Williamson slides, Wagner hobbles, New Zealand beat Sri Lanka off the last ball

And other stories from a famous final over - as called by ESPNcricinfo's ball-by-ball commentary

Job done! Neil Wagner hugs Kane Williamson after a scrambled single took them past Sri Lanka off the last ball, New Zealand vs Sri Lanka, 1st Test, Christchurch, 5th day, March 13, 2023

Job done! Neil Wagner hugs Kane Williamson after a scrambled single took them past Sri Lanka off the last ball  •  Getty Images

In their previous game, New Zealand became just the fourth team to win after following-on. Now, in Christchurch, against Sri Lanka, they produced another rollicking finish to a Test. The scenario: one over to go, eight runs to get for New Zealand, Sri Lanka need three wickets (to keep their hopes of a place in the WTC final alive).
Kane Williamson is holding the chase together with a hundred, and among those waiting in their dressing room is a hobbling birthday boy Neil Wagner. Here's how ESPNcricinfo's commentator Ekanth called the nerve-wracking six balls that followed.
69.1, Asitha Fernando to Williamson, 1 run
Williamson slips at the non-striker's end, so it won't be two! Was a full ball that was swiped across along the ground
69.2, Asitha Fernando to [Matt] Henry, 1 run
Low, wide full toss. Henry throws a horizontal bat. Gets it to long-off. Fielders call. But they'll take only one
Three wickets left, SL win very unlikely now but not impossible. KW on strike. Will he get twos?
69.3, Asitha Fernando to Williamson, 1 run, OUT
Big dive from Henry but is he run out? Throw came in from deep midwicket close to the bowler, bails are whipped off but the bowler's hand is blocking the view from the leg-side replay. How does it look from the front? Clean. It was a very full ball that was flicked to deep midwicket.
Matt Henry run out (Rajitha/AM Fernando) 4 (3b 0x4 0x6 9m) SR: 133.33
The birthday boy is in despite the injury! Can he run quick though? Five needed off three.
69.4, Asitha Fernando to Williamson, FOUR runs
Slashed, is it in the gap? Yesss! How did he get it there? All fielders were in the deep. It was a full, wide ball that was hit through point. Scores tied!
One result out, India should be through to the WTC final. But KW should get the headlines.
69.5, Asitha Fernando to Williamson, no run
Bouncer. Is it wide? Not given! Floodlights go on all of a sudden. That looked like it went over head-height. A bit of replay from the NZ-Eng Test but NZ still have two wickets in hand.
69.6, Asitha Fernando to Williamson, 1 bye
Pull beaten, keeper throws to the bowler's end. Direct hit at the non-striker's end! Sent upstairs. Kane Williamson slides his bat in after throwing his body down and HE IS IN! Last ball was a bouncer, this was too. Should it have been a no-ball or is that just my dad too excited? It's a Test, the third bouncer would have been the no-ball. In the end, it doesn't matter because Williamson made it! Sri Lanka's fielders are dejected. Williamson was on his knees as he saw the replay and got a big hug from Wagner
7.44pm: Steady the ship, fly the plane, roll the cart. Is there anything KW can't do?! Word of appreciation for Sri Lanka's performance too, they fought valiantly and stayed in the game till the last over. But it was a case of fortune favouring Williamson and [Daryl] Mitchell's skill and bravery. Sri Lanka used just four bowlers. The spinner, [Prabath] Jayasuriya, got wickets but went for runs. The wides given when he went down leg could create many a discussion. [Niroshan] Dickwella dropping Williamson too. [Asitha] Fernando's brilliance needs acknowledging. But it's all Williamson, dude's beyond us mortals' comprehensions.