The enemy
Kevin Pietersen's got his sights set on a new opponent.

So how's he doing?

Is he trying to get to the end?

The Aussie
David Warner's been thinking about how other sports could be improved.

Follow David Warner to find out how loads of other sports could be improved through sledging and abuse.

The mystery ball
Graeme Swann wants to get in on the action.

The next generation
Merv Hughes and Peter Siddle appear to have much in common, but Damien Fleming has identified one significant difference.

Does neither feel the need to consume carbohydrates before a prolonged bout of physical exertion?

The instruction
Sulieman Benn has some wisdom he wants to share.

What if you've been to the supermarket and there's frozen food in the bags? You want us to leave it there defrosting? Not sure about this advice. Ice cream is definitely more enjoyable when it can boast some solidity. Ice cream may not be forever, but it definitely lasts a lot longer when stored correctly.

Tino Best's modesty corner
Tino took five wickets this week. He didn't have an option.

Don't give up on that hamstring, Tino. Giving up isn't an option.

The film review
Paul Collingwood has been left slightly in the dark.

What's your philosophy?
Shaun Pollock, as usual.

If discipline is temporary, is it really discipline? Surely you need to stick at it?

Nando's Watch
Last week Alex Hales was asking if anyone wanted to go to Nando's with him. Sounds like no one took him up on his offer.

That's a dangerously long gap for a cricketer. It's thought that after three months without Nando's, they turn into snooker players.

Shane Warne's doing some damage.

And Chris Tremlett's planning to lay waste to an entire beast.

The presumption
Ramnaresh Sarwan is feeling confident.

That's a bit premature. Warne and Tremlett would be able to put him straight: food quality can only be properly evaluated once it has been smashed by the diner.

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