At Rajkot, November 12, 2002. India won by 81 runs (D/L method). Toss: India.

A chucking controversy ruined this game, but for the third time running the chuckers were in the stands. Water bottles hit Drakes and narrowly missed substitute Ryan Hinds, while Pedro Collins, who was not even playing, was struck by a small sandbag. Jacobs, acting-captain because Hooper was injured, led the West Indians off the field. After an hour and 20 minutes, the game was abandoned. India were then awarded the match on Duckworth/Lewis - they were 81 ahead of par - a decision to which West Indies understandably but unsuccessfully objected. Local rumour was that bookmakers had sabotaged the match to stop India winning, and had been floored by the outcome. India were put on course by Sehwag, who scored a glorious 114 in 82 balls.

Man of the Match: V. Sehwag.