Ahead of the World Cup, ESPNcricinfo's been asking current players whether they've ever had a proper job. But real life doesn't just apply before their careers. Ex-players have to find a way to occupy themselves as well.

Andrew Flintoff's had a colourful time since retirement doing any number of weird and wonderful jobs. This even includes a highly unlikely recent stint working as a professional cricketer. But what's he up to now?

Sounds like he's taken to the job like a duck to water.

Speaking of breakfast, one of the big challenges of being away from home is the change in diet. Is Iain O'Brien's digestive system up to the challenge?

English diet…

New Zealand diet…

He doesn't say what he'll be watching while he eats them, but a corresponding tonal shift would mean some sort of documentary about 19th-century opera.

Staying highbrow, Alviro Petersen has this insight to offer us.

Sounds a little like Alviro's trying too hard to be different there. Saqlain Mushtaq, however, believes it's good to be different.

Only if you're different from absolutely everybody else.

Saqlain has another lesson for us on top of that. It's a theme he returns to frequently - the importance of remaining humble.

But how do we achieve this?

Can you demonstrate?

Humility in action. Listing your achievements so that your success can speak for itself. Remember this ploy the next time Ian Botham's shouting down his fellow commentators, asking them how many Test wickets they took. He's not being petty and argumentative - he's actually being humble.

Speaking of humble, there's one man we haven't heard much from this week…

We'll brace ourselves for what's the come, but in the meantime we'll have to make up the Twitter nonsense shortfall by checking out what Michael Vaughan's been #justsaying this week.

It seems he's been saying things that indicate he doesn't know the difference between irony and coincidence. Maybe he's an Alanis Morissette fan.

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