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Has anything been going on in the world of cricket this week?

Yes, that's right - Kevin Pietersen. It's been a really big week for a man who apparently once played cricket for England.

Maybe that's why he's been so tetchy recently. He's lost his taste for Cheese as well.

What's that? KP's got a book out?

As you no doubt know, Pietersen's autobiography details a seemingly irreversible breakdown in relationships between Pietersen and a number of people involved in English cricket. Surely it's all over for him as an England player now?

Most. Not all.

But at least KP had some success.


But even if they say you can no longer play for your country, or that you aren't allowed to bowl because your action is a bit wonky, a true cricketer still finds a way.

From arms to knees.

And from knees to guts.

From guts to brains.

And from brains to the disappointment of not being able to see a lunar eclipse and having to find an alternative way of experiencing it.

Kemar Roach has always been a prolific writer. Perhaps his autobiography would be worth a read. However, he wasn't wasting too many words expressing his feelings on Twitter this week.

Although he did reveal his Shaun Pollock side.

And if there's one thing all cricketers would stand up for, it's their right to moan about air travel.

Although maybe Styris was still in a bad mood from when he boarded his flight.

Hurtful words. Why not get your own back by devoting an entire chapter to him in your autobiography?

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