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We will be looking for a win - Mohsin Kamal

The realm of Bangladesh Cricket isn't quite unknown to Mohsin Kamal, the new coach of Bangladesh national Team who replaced Trevor Chappell

Shahryar Khan
The realm of Bangladesh Cricket isn't quite unknown to Mohsin Kamal, the new coach of Bangladesh national Team who replaced Trevor Chappell. The fast bowler from Pakistan, made his debut in 1984 against England, bagged 24 wickets in 9 Tests, spanning over 11 years. He came here for the first time in 1985-86, to play for Omar Khureshi-11 and made a memorable mark against Bangladesh team by capturing 6 wickets for 27 runs, forcing the home side bundle out for 48.
In 1994 he made his second visit for Pakistan-A. Here, as a fast bowler, he spotted some talents in Bangladesh and became more familiar with higher-level cricket playing here. As a coach he has already seen some Bangladesh-A team players working with Ali Zia. He saw some matches of Bangladesh team in TV, playing against Pakistan in last January. A very meek fellow, Mohsin Kamal, didn't disclose the names of the cricketers he found very promising here in Bangladesh.
" I just can't say any names right this moment. It is hard to name one or two persons. But be sure of one thing - I have seen a lot of potentials here. If we work on them, nurture them - they will flourish as geniuses. So, I think it's too early to name them."
It is a crucial time when he took over the charges from Trevor Chappell, as the tour to Sri Lanka is at hand. Undoubtedly, it is a big challenge (Almost a risky venture!) for him, since Bangladesh couldn't make a good grade since their inception into the longer version (10 defeats out of 11 Tests, they got away luckily against Zimbabwe aided by the rain and conceded a draw). Mohsin says,
" I know it is going to be a big challenge for me, but it seems also very easy if I said that I had accepted hard things in my life. I knew the task would be tough, but I accepted it mentally before I came here. The BKSP campaign in next month is vital. I know I could spot some young stars along with some senior players. I will have to work with them now and have to find a way out through them. I will see them first and then make a final plan two weeks before we set off for Sri Lanka."
" I have seen the video of Bangladesh- Sri Lanka Test match in Colombo, I have analyzed our players. I think I would make something out of it. Sri Lanka is unquestionably a better side, but I think Bangladesh shouldn't have any sort of pressure counting on that, or if they have they will have to shake it off soon. We have to feel the way that we are playing against our rivals not against our heroes. If we count them as heroes we will be bogged down."
"We will be heading off for Sri Lanka with a positive approach - we are going to win there. If not possible, we will of course give them a hard time on their soil. That is our motto."
Bangladesh lost 6 matches within the 3rd day, even in the home ground they lost two in this way against Pakistan. Mohsin feels that playing too many one-day games is a good reason behind such debacle.
" Playing too many one-day matches may arrest the development of the techniques a batsman needs to play in Test matches. There are flaws in Bangladesh's defensive technique, I found. If you are a very good Test player, you can be a very good one-day player too, but not all good one-day players turn up as good Test players.
"We will work on the defensive techniques of Bangladeshi players. It is urgent mostly, because, in Test matches you will have to learn how to stay as long as possible. Everybody can play shots, even suicidal ones, but it is hard to bat with patience when the odds are not in favor. Your ability to cope up with such condition is hard and only then the defensive skills will help you out. Our batsmen must have to learn these things. They shouldn't throw their wickets away like they did in near past."
"Sometimes you will have to avoid making shots and bat bending your cool head down completely, keeping off from playing non-percentage strokes. Often that works. I must say these are the preliminary simple methods to carry on against the stronger teams."
With the absence of Mashrafe Bangladesh pace attack has turned out to be toothless. Manjural will be the spearhead with Mohammed Sharif at the other end. Mohsin belongs to a country that saw so many real quickies! He says,
" Fast bowlers are naturally born. They should be searched for. A bowler who can bowl with a lot of pace should be picked up immediately. He may be wayward, erratic and weak in his technique, but those things could be corrected. That's why I asked the selectors and the board that I need to go around and see some pace bowlers. I will be seeing them on 28th and 29th May before we start off for BKSP."