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None of the other players in Zimbabwe's World Cup squad were in the know about Henry Olonga and Andy Flower's protest

World Cup No. 8: the big story

Olonga and Flower make a stand

It was a defining image of the 2003 tournament: two players, one black, one white, risking their lives and careers by wearing black armbands to protest injustice

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Andy Flower

The World Cup catches political heat

The day in 2003 that Andy Flower and Henry Olonga took a political, and potentially dangerous, stand against the Zimbabwe government

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Zimbabwe cricket

Flower on the black armband story

Ten years after the black armband protest by Andy Flower and Henry Olonga in the 2003 World Cup, Flower, now England's coach, opens up about the whole story of the bold move in an interview with BBC radio.

Interview by Jack Wilson

Henry Olonga

'Play golf, not cricket'

Words of wisdom about the game? Henry Olonga's got them

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Zimbabwe news

Bvute urges Olonga to return to Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Cricket's managing director, Ozias Bvute, has invited former Zimbabwe cricketer Henry Olonga to return to the country and help with efforts to re-affirm Zimbabwe's standing in world cricket