Bermuda July 9, 2006

Bermuda mourns Travis Smith

Bermuda's St.George’s Cricket Club was rocked by the tragic death of Travis Smith, the off-spinner, aged just 26. Smith was killed in a collision with a grey Ingis Suzuki at the entrance of Terceira’s gas station on North Shore Road, Devonshire on Thursday night and later pronounced dead at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

“Travis will not only be a loss to St.George’s, but also a loss to the entire cricket fraternity,” stated Bermuda Cricket Board (BCB) president Reggie Pearman.

“I think his passing is tragic especially since he recently expressed a desire to try out for the national team where I am certain he would have been an asset

“Obviously we all know what Travis was capable of with the ball as he proved to be a real nuisance to us (Somerset) in Cup Match (2002) up in Somerset a few years ago.

“He will certainly be missed and on behalf of myself and Bermuda Cricket Board we send our condolences and prayers out to the family.” St.George’s Cricket Club coach George Cannonier added: “It is really sad to hear this about Travis because I always thought we would see more of him in the cricket arena.

“He was a very talented young man and I have known him all of his life and played football with his father (Sub) and my condolences go out o the family.

“I think Sub was Travis’ number one fan and he really stood behind his son in a sporting light. I really feel sad for Sub and his family at this particular time.

“In the time that I coached Travis he never disrespected me and he was always an easy individual to get along with and coach. He always showed enthusiasm and showed up for training and that’s why I had so much faith in him that he would bounce back into Cup Match or even with the national team.

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