Player diaries August 29, 2009

Guernsey captain: We must put this loss behind us

Stuart Le Prevost

Stuart Le Prevost

It’s been an interesting first day for us and admittedly losing to Singapore wasn’t great. It was a game where we did some things pretty badly and other things pretty well and we now have to move forward.

For the Guernsey side, this is probably the first time for roughly 90 per cent of the side to be playing abroad and that’s something we’ve all had to get used to. The conditions here in Singapore are extremely different to Guernsey.

It’s hot and humid and having five days out here before the tournament started has definitely helped me and the rest of the team get used to things, but we need to work harder after today’s disappointing seven-wicket loss to Singapore.

We’re up against Bahrain tomorrow, a side we’ve lost to twice before but I am hoping not to make it three times in a row. I know their game went down to the wire today against Malaysia so hopefully they’ll be fairly tired when they face us at Kalang.   It’s something that could work in our favour, if they’re feeling tired as we finished our game fairly early today (not without a lack of trying) so we could see things go well for us. I just have to remember today’s game is in the past and it’s about looking forward and going for a win tomorrow.

I’ve really enjoyed Singapore so far,  I didn’t really know what to expect but the food has been great, good hospitality, everyone’s been very friendly and the hotel’s great, but now I’ve had my chance to explore the city with the rest of the lads, I’ve got to focus on the nitty gritty of the cricket.

Stuart Le Prevost is the Guernsey captain

Will Luke is assistant editor of ESPNcricinfo