Episode Twenty - Woodchop

Another great exercise that is really beneficial to the cricketer is the woodchop and its variation, the reverse woodchop. It is a functional exercise that incorporates a lot of muscle movement. The thing that is really important for me is that there is also rotation during the movement, and that is something that we can take through to on-field movements while playing cricket. Both formats of the woodchop can be performed using a elastic band or theraband. Some of the junior players out there can also perform this exercise using an elastic band. The woodchop is a very functional exercise for the cricketer, as coordination, strength and rotational stability all form the part of the movement.


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Gillette Fitness Zone video series presented by Adrian Le Roux will explore fitness exercises to enhance the performance of the modern day cricket player. The 25-episode series will focus on the functional exercises that can be done anyplace anywhere; and then move on to functional and core stability exercises that involve lot of movement and power.

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