6th Match, Group A, Incheon, Sep 29 2014, Asian Games Men's Cricket Competition
(10/10 ov)88/5
(10/10 ov, target 89)82/7
South Korea won by 6 runs
end of over 1011 runs • 3 wickets
CHN: 82/7CRR: 8.19 
Zhang Peng5 (3)
Lei Sun14 (11)
Taekwan Park 2-0-15-1
Jiwon Choi 2-0-18-0

Korea have done wonderfully well, lot of self-belief. Came into the game as underdogs, played a blinder with the bat to take the game away from China who try as they might just couldn't match the Koreans. They receive a warm welcome from their hardy fans on a cold day. Shortened game it was because of prolonged rain since the morning, long future the Koreans have in cricket if they keep going. Thanks for being with us today, we have the first two quarter-finals of the Asian Games tomorrow. This is Ainnur and Shahriar from the ACC signing off, Uncle Binoy George has been shepherding us through from Bangalore.

Taekwan Park to Zhang Peng, 3 runs

short and hit back over the bowler to long-off, ball pingpongs from one end of the wicket to the other but they can't keep running forever and Korea are through to the quarter-finals of the Asian Games

Taekwan Park to Zhang Peng, 5 wide

way down leg, and it's not over red rover!

Taekwan Park to Zhang Peng, 2 runs

full, played to long-off, fielder jogs in and underarms the throw

Taekwan Park to Zhang Peng, no run

short and across the right-hander, play and a misss

Korea lost three at the start of their 10th over, as good hosts they return the favour

Taekwan Park to Min Jian, OUT

full, into the base of middle

Min Jian b Taekwan Park 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Taekwan Park to Wang Jing, OUT

full, jammed out, sets off, bowler picks up turns and throws and doesn't miss from three yards

Wang Jing run out (Taekwan Park) 0 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0
Taekwan Park to Zhong Wenyi, 1 run, OUT

short and wide, slashed over the infield, Cho at extra cover sends a pinpoint throw back and the direct hit's good enough

Zhong Wenyi run out (Sunghoon Cho/†Suin Bang) 5 (4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 125

Those Li Jian-type boundaries are needed again by China. Korea's best bowler on, light isn't great

end of over 98 runs
CHN: 71/4CRR: 7.88 RRR: 18.00
Zhong Wenyi4 (3)
Lei Sun14 (11)
Jiwon Choi 2-0-18-0
Hwanhee Lee 2-0-20-2
Jiwon Choi to Zhong Wenyi, 1 run

Harrow cut, Chinese cut, call it what you will, bounces into the 'keeper's chest and they race through

Jiwon Choi to Lei Sun, 1 run

short, swung away, inner half of the bat, fine leg inside the circle does well to his left

Jiwon Choi to Lei Sun, 2 runs

short outside off, flat-batted to long-off, direct hit would have been out

Jiwon Choi to Lei Sun, 2 runs
Jiwon Choi to Zhong Wenyi, 1 run

fullish length, no room to swing, power on the drive

Jiwon Choi to Lei Sun, 1 run

full, driven to cover, hustle through

46 have come off the last five overs. China fighting hard.

Around the wicket to the left-hander is Choi

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