4th Test, Johannesburg, Mar 30 - Apr 3 2018, Australia tour of South Africa
488 & 344/6d
(46.4 ov, target 612)221 & 119
South Africa won by 492 runs
player of the match
Vernon Philander
South Africa

11.24am Hugs all around with Morne Morkel, who has bowled his last ball for South Africa. A thumbs-up to his family in the crowd. Applause from Johannesburg, he takes a stump. This was also Darren Lehmann's last Test as coach of Australia, a series he would want to forget in a tearing hurry.

Handshakes from both camps. It has been some series. This is South Africa's first Test home series win since 1970 against Australia. Lots of talking point for today: let's start with Vernon Philander, shall we? What a performance this morning, taking six wickets in no time to help SA register the largest margin of victory since 1934! Australia had it tough in any case but against a moving ball with Philander at his best, did they even have a chance?

Australia now: is this their worst cricket series ever? Not just because of their result, a 3-1 defeat after a comfortable 4-0 win in the Ashes. And then things changed drastically on the third day of the Newlands Test, changed so much that Australia could only think of competing. A special mention to Pat Cummins, who was sensational right through the series. Some of them will go back home and rest up, some of them will go to the IPL, some of them won't. But it's been a long, entertaining summer of cricket from South Africa. From a commentary standpoint, that's all we've got for now. But the post-game and post-series coverage will be coming to provide more entertainment. Enjoy the success, learn from the failure, and move on in cricket. That's it from here: bye.

Presentation time.

A special presentation for Morne Morkel, in his last Test for South Africa. "I sat with the doc and told him to do what he could to get me on the field. Some sore bodies in the room. Thank you so much, the last month, the last two weeks. A lot of support and tears. To my team-mates, I can be the man I am today playing with this team."

Kagiso Rabada is the Man of the Series: "It's been a long summer, a lot of games. At the end there, it reflected. Not much of a rest coming up, hopefully can regenerate some energy. Australia is a great cricketing nation, we know it's not going to be easy. Very proud of how we played. You can never stop learning, the game finds a way to humble you. Nice to always improve. Outstanding career for Morne, fitting finale for him. Today is all about him."

Vernon 'The Surgeon' Philander is the Man of the Match: "What can I say, momentous way. The first innings I rusted to the crease, today i slowed down my run-up, and found the magical length. Everything clicked from the Corlett Drive end. We going to miss Morne, his jokes, his leadership. I want to wish him well."

Faf du Plessis: "He's been a special player, richly deserved, he's one of the nicest guys in cricket. When times are tough, Morne is a nice guy to have around. This series has been remarkable, to get 80 wickets means your bowling unit is tough. You don't get an opportunity to beat Australia 3-1. A long summer, a successful summer for the Test team. A proud captain standing here. I've never seen our team so motivated after that first loss. The guys were hungry, especially the senior players, a hunger to make big performance, a well-deserved break for some of the guys now. Pat Cummins had a good series, he challenged us. Some off-field things made it tough for Australia, we wanted to push them mentally."

Tim Paine (cheers all around): "Has been a really challenging week, can't doubt our effort. When you're slightly off against a world-class opposition, you're going to be found wanting, and we were. That's something we've got to address, we've lost two of the best players in the world. Bancroft has been our leading run-scorer for Australia. They completely outplayed us, we can't hide behind the fact they've been too skilled for us. Hopefully, we can rebuild a new culture."

Morne Morkel: "Tough to put in in words, very emotional. So grateful for all the opportunities I was given. The mission was to beat the Aussies. Thank you Vernon Philander, some sore bodies this morning. Funny how things work, the main thing is to keep working hard and make the most of opportunities. No way I was going to sit in the change-room, would have needed a straitjacket. Going to miss 'em a lot, they are brothers."

AB de Villiers: "A great send-off for Morne. I'm very happy, enjoying my cricket. The environment has made it so easy too. Best series I've been a part of. I was asked by the captain to be prepared to bowl before tea, my body was telling me please don't do this to yourself."

Hashim Amla: "I'm very sad (Morne's last Test), wanted something special. Morne getting injured and bowling epitomizes Morne. I'm going to miss Morkel. We've been very fortunate, against Australia, we've been successful, not many teams have done that. A dramatic series."

Dean Elgar: "Feels very good, been on the receiving end, an awesome team performance. No cricketer more competitive than AB to win."

Temba Bavuma: "I've enjoyed my part in this team, to be a part of a team etched in history is a dream. You try to take something from everyone. When we are out there, you count your lucky stars you have these guys running in for you."

Morkel to Lyon, 1 run, OUT

driven away with terrible timing through cover! 137 kph, full and wide outside off, Markram chases after it from point. And it's a risky two. Markram's loopy throw is close to Quinton de Kock, and he takes off the bails with Lyon inches short! That's out and SA win the series 3-1!

Nathan Lyon run out (Markram/†de Kock) 9 (37m 23b 1x4 0x6) SR: 39.13
Morkel to Lyon, no run

full and straight, a thick outside half as Lyon drives. Point fields.

Morkel to Lyon, no run

the yorker on middle and leg, 130 kph, jammed out by Lyon

Ajith Paul: "It may be a change of ends for Morne" Spot on.

Najam: "Come on, South Africa! I want to forget that 491-run defeat against Australia."

Morkel to Lyon, 2 runs

133 kph, a full delivery around off, Lyon drives, and it goes flying through cover for a couple.

Arjun: "Spare a thought for Lehmann..its his last series as well..Ashes winning coach and a World Cup as well..a Job well done i'd say. " Absolutely.

end of over 46Maiden
AUS: 116/9CRR: 2.52 
Josh Hazlewood9 (22)
Nathan Lyon6 (19)
Keshav Maharaj13-2-47-1
Vernon Philander13-5-21-6
Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

edged, but falls short of second slip! 83 kph, full and wide, the ball drifts on, takes the outside edge and lands in front of Amla.

Two slips, leg gully and short leg.

Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

slow outside off, he gets forward and smothers the ball back.

Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

past the outside edge this time. Flat and wide. more drift. Hazlewood pokes

Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

through the inside edge, slow outside off, the ball drifts in and beats the inside edge, big gap between bat and pad

Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

flat outside off, defended back

Maharaj to Hazlewood, no run

full and wide, drifting away. Hazlewood drives but makes only contact with the ground as the ball flies past

Is this the last over of the series? Morne has been taken out, Maharaj returns. Lehmann looking on glumly. A deep midwicket and deep square leg.

end of over 455 runs
AUS: 116/9CRR: 2.57 
Josh Hazlewood9 (16)
Nathan Lyon6 (19)
Vernon Philander13-5-21-6
Morne Morkel10-5-25-2
Philander to Hazlewood, 1 run

back of a length around off, 124 kph, a thick inside edge towards square leg. Hazlewood will take strike. Morkel will be pleased.

Philander to Hazlewood, no run

nicely behind the line again, 128 kph, full around off, blocked away

Philander to Hazlewood, no run

129 kph, back of a length outside off, the ball beats the bat easily. That length leaves Hazlewood poking.

Richard Taylor: "What do the clouds look like?" Like puffs of cotton.

Philander to Hazlewood, no run

full and wide outside off, 127 kph, the ball moving back in. Blocked

Jesse Flowers: "So what is everyone's combined XI for this series? Probably the SA team plus Cummins as the third fast bowler and maybe there is an argument for Paine as keeper??"

Philander to Hazlewood, no run

good length outside off, 126 kph. Blocked back to the bowler

Philander to Hazlewood, FOUR runs

nicely done! Australia need under 500 now. Overpitched from Philander, Hazlewood stays in his crease and lofts the ball delectably over mid-off for four.