1st T20I (N), Johannesburg, Feb 21 2020, Australia tour of South Africa
(14.3/20 ov, target 197)89
Australia won by 107 runs
player of the match
Ashton Agar

9.25pm: Well, the series has started with a bang, all right! Australia's women may have slipped on day one of the Women's T20 World Cup, but the men have handed out a right royal pasting in Johannesburg, as they sharpen their own tournament planning. Anyway, Firdose's report will have the long and the short of it (very short in the case of South Africa's innings) and we'll be back for more from Port Elizabeth on Sunday. Thanks for chipping in, from Matt, Ranjith and myself, it's good night and good luck. Bye!

9.15pm: Time for the presentations, starting with South Africa captain Quinton de Kock: "Not too sure what happened there [with the bowling], the energy was there but the skills weren't good enough tonight. We pride ourselves on our fielding and tonight we weren't at our best. But as long as we get up tomorrow and try and fight for the next game. We can't do much at practice, it's more of a mental thing, we have to come out with that fight on Sunday."

Ashton Agar is Man of the Match: "It was really exciting, the highlight of my cricketing life. My job is made a lot easier when I have Mitch, Patty Cummins, Richo and Zamps doing the job before me. [Starc new ball?] To have a guy steaming in and putting the ball down at 150kph, it puts fear in the opposition. Starting well is important in T20 and that's what we did today. Unbelievable catch [from Finch for the hat-trick], great team performance."

Australia captain Aaron Finch: [Great game] "Absolutely, it was, we set the tone in the field, took a couple of sharp chances and Ashton bowled really well, all round a good performance. When you're chasing 200, you have to get off to a good start, but Starcy bowling Quinton with a beauty, it puts you on the back foot. But I would have batted second, too, so it was a good toss to lose. The way we attacked the crease and bowled a good aggressive length was really impressive. Not letting them get away and put us on the back foot. [Hat-trick ball] There's about 10% chance of me catching that. He bowled beautifully today and deserved it."

9.05pm: Oh dear, that is a sorry mess for the Saffers: their lowest T20 international total, their biggest T20I defeat. Australia have steamrolled their way to victory here at the Wanderers, where after all the talk of having to brave a storm on their return to South Africa, it is the hosts who have been roughed up. Eighth T20I win in a row for Finch's side, and it really does look like they are building well towards the World Cup on home soil later this year. Everyone chipped in with the bat, and then Ashton Agar proved himself worthy of the Dre Russ bantz by ripping through South Africa, with only the second hat-trick by an Australian in T20Is!

Zampa to Rabada, OUT

bowled 'im, this one is done! Pushed through flatter and Rabada has one swing too many... Zampa hits middle, and South Africa have been retired on their stool! Australia win by 107 runs to go 1-0 up in the series

Kagiso Rabada b Zampa 22 (26m 19b 1x4 2x6) SR: 115.79
Zampa to Shamsi, 1 run

flicked for a single

Zampa to Rabada, 1 run

tossed up and worked off the stumps

Adam Zampa back... can he draw a line under things? SA still shy of their lowest T20I score

end of over 142 runs • 1 wicket
SA: 87/9CRR: 6.21 • RRR: 18.33 • Need 110 runs from 36b
Tabraiz Shamsi1 (3)
Kagiso Rabada21 (17)
Ashton Agar4-0-24-5
Kane Richardson3-0-20-0

Best figures by an Australian in T20Is, notes Matt

Agar to Shamsi, no run

floated up wide of the stumps, Shamsi comes across and pokes it away safely... Agar finishes with 5 for 25, and that has pretty much finished South Africa

Agar to Rabada, 1 run

steps down and swings one more away through midwicket

Agar to Rabada, no run

tossed up and tapped back

Agar to Shamsi, 1 run

drops back and cuts, gets it through for a scrambled single

Slip and gully for Shamsi

Agar to Shamsi, no run

so close to hitting off stump! Spinning through as Shamsi tried to cut and missed, nearly Agar's second 'trick of the game!

...and he's on a hat-trick again! Tabraiz Shamsi to face

Agar to Ngidi, OUT

that's five! Plopped into the hands of long-on! Agar can barely believe it, he's king of the 'ring tonight. Misbegotten shot from Ngidi, straight to the man set back

Lungi Ngidi c Warner b Agar 1 (5m 5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20

Agar to bowl through his allocation

end of over 138 runs
SA: 85/8CRR: 6.53 • RRR: 16.00 • Need 112 runs from 42b
Kagiso Rabada20 (15)
Lungi Ngidi1 (4)
Kane Richardson3-0-20-0
Ashton Agar3-0-22-4
Kane Richardson to Rabada, SIX runs

banged in short, Rabada pulls - hoicked high into the crowd at fine leg! Rabada continuing to belt a few consolation runs for the SA cause

Kane Richardson to Ngidi, 1 run

makes a bit of room and slaps it back down the track, Richardson gets a hand on it

Kane Richardson to Ngidi, no run

short outside off, 136kph/84mph and again Ngidi swings hard but fails to connect

Kane Richardson to Ngidi, no run

back of a length, in the channel and he fails to connect

Kane Richardson to Ngidi, no run

pitched up, Ngidi gets into line and jabs it towards mid-on

Kane Richardson to Rabada, 1 run

shortish outside off and Rabada slices one to third man

Kane Richardson back on