(D/N), Brisbane, Feb 20 2010, Ford Ranger Cup
(48.1/50 ov, target 326)300
Victoria won by 25 runs
player of the match
Brad Hodge

What a game of cricket! Brad Hodge's heroics earlier in the day with a brilliant century were matched by Lee Carseldine for the Bulls.

When Reardon and Carseldine were at the crease at 2/265, it looked like the Bulls would achieve the unthinkable, but an epic batting collapse where the Bulls lost 8/35 means the Vics will host the final next Sunday

Brad Hodge has been named man of the match for his audacious 136 off just 118 balls but a special mention must go to Andrew McDonald who took 4/50, including the match-turning wicket of Lee Carseldine.

We've got one more match between the Redbacks and the Blues this Wednesday before the final next Sunday from the MCG where the Vics will take on Tasmania. Thanks for your company, from me, Andrew Fuss, good night.

Pattinson to Simpson, OUT

slower ball on off stump, Simpson swings hard but doesn't quite get enough of it, skying it to the sub who takes his second catch to add to his runout!

Chris Simpson c sub (GJ Maxwell) b Pattinson 20 (7b 0x4 3x6) SR: 285.71
end of over 48Wicket maiden
QLD: 300/9CRR: 6.25 • RRR: 13.00 • Need 26 runs from 12b
Alister McDermott0 (5)
Chris Simpson20 (6)
Andrew McDonald10-1-50-4

How good has Andrew McDonald been here? 4/50 off 10 in the heat of the battle, brilliant stuff!

They turn to Pattinson...

McDonald to McDermott, no run

blocks out a yorker to keep the Bulls alive

McDonald to McDermott, no run

pushes to point

McDonald to McDermott, no run

and again! He just needs to get off strike

McDonald to McDermott, no run

again he beats the outside edge, the pressure continues to build

McDonald to McDermott, no run

beats the outside edge

Andrew McDonald has been the destroyer here. Can he get his fifth to win the game for the Vics?

McDonald to Laughlin, OUT

walks across his wicket and gets caught absolutely plumb in front

Ben Laughlin lbw b McDonald 1 (2b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50
end of over 4720 runs
QLD: 300/8CRR: 6.38 • RRR: 8.67 • Need 26 runs from 18b
Chris Simpson20 (6)
Ben Laughlin1 (1)
Bryce McGain8-0-81-2
McGain to Simpson, SIX runs

tries to dart it in and Simpson says thankyou again and smashes it over long on, this is incredible cricket!

They're still looking for the ball in Row S. Does he play safe and go for the single?

McGain to Simpson, SIX runs

rocks back and smashes this over deep mid wicket, what a hit!

McGain to Simpson, SIX runs

smashes it over long on

McGain to Laughlin, 1 run
McGain to Simpson, 1 run
McGain to Simpson, no run