2nd Test, Nottingham, Jul 27 - 31 2007, India tour of Ireland, England and Scotland
198 & 355
(target 73)481 & 73/3
India won by 7 wickets
Player Of The Match
4/59 & 5/75

Well, the end of an aggressive Test there which India won deservedly. Particular credit must go to Zaheer Khan, for his nine wickets, who is the Man of the Match, while Sachin Tendulkar made 91. So, India take a 1-0 lead and there are plenty of celebrations on the balcony and on the pitch. Ganguly raises his bat as he walks off, and the India team come down the steps now to shake hands with England. After the draw at Lord's - where they had a let-off as England were closing in on the win - India now take a 1-0 lead into the third and final Test at The Oval. Thanks for joining us this Test, and tune in again next time.

Tremlett to Ganguly, 4 byes

Ganguly expected the bouncer; it was a double-bluff, a yorker, which fools everyone including Prior and the ball runs away to bring up the win

end of over 24Maiden
INDIA: 69/3CRR: 2.87 
Rahul Dravid11 (28)
Sourav Ganguly2 (3)
James Anderson 9-2-23-0
Chris Tremlett 7-2-12-3
Anderson to Dravid, no run

another short one, whistling past his neck this time

Anderson to Dravid, no run

bouncer has Dravid ducking this time

Anderson to Dravid, no run

cut right back in at the right-hander, a bit of movement and bounce there

Anderson to Dravid, no run

right up there, driven back to the bowler who throws it back towards the stumps

Anderson to Dravid, no run

bounce down the channel, a gentle sway away is all that's required

Just the four needed now

Anderson to Dravid, 4 leg byes

on leg, appeared to get away with a glove past Prior, but Taufel gives it as leg-byes - which is the correct decision, as replays show it brushed the hip

end of over 234 runs • 1 wicket
INDIA: 65/3CRR: 2.82 
Sourav Ganguly2 (3)
Rahul Dravid11 (22)
Chris Tremlett 7-2-12-3
James Anderson 8-1-23-0
Tremlett to Ganguly, 2 runs

well timed off the back foot through cover to get Ganguly off the mark and leave India requiring single figures now

Tremlett to Ganguly, (no ball)

venom from Tremlett, but overpitches with his aggression, while Ganguly pulls out of the hook

Tremlett to Ganguly, no run

round the wicket, down leg, Ganguly is unmoved

Tidy work, there. So it's Ganguly now to see if he can be there at the end and take India to the series lead

Tremlett to Tendulkar, OUT

short and Tendulkar tries to play off his hips, but only as far as leg gully, who snaps up the catch, low

Sachin Tendulkar c Cook b Tremlett 1 (17m 15b 0x4 0x6) SR: 6.66
Tremlett to Tendulkar, no run

great delivery there, swinging away from the right-hander and moving even further after pitching, Tendulkar pressed into the stroke

Tremlett to Tendulkar, no run

up there, on off, and defended forward

Tremlett to Tendulkar, 1 wide

short and straight - England's bouncer tactics all too apparent - but it's been called wide, rightly, on height

Tremlett to Tendulkar, no run

down the channel; it's left alone