3rd Test, Cape Town, Jan 2 - 6 2007, India tour of South Africa
414 & 169
(64.1 ov, target 211)373 & 211/5
South Africa won by 5 wickets
player of the match
Graeme Smith
South Africa

Handshakes and backslaps all around as the players go off. Very fitting that Prince hit the winning runs, as he's played well all series and was the top run-getter on either side. South Africa have come back very, very well to clinch the series 2-1. India shocked many by winning the first Test at Johannesburg inside four days, but the hosts, as expected, hit back hard at Durban with an arresting win. Come 2007, and they played aggressively again to take this win by five wickets after India put up 414 in their first innings.

This pitch came under fire for being flat and Indian-like, but South Africa's bowlers did very well in bowling India out for just 169 on day four - some will say it was just India being India in the second innings, I'm sure.

We saw exciting, tense cricket in stages throughout the series, but in the end, the better team won. India's management will have some questions that need answering - I wont get into that here - but all credit to South Africa. Graeme Smith must feel so, so proud of his team right now. He copped alot of flak from the local media after the first Test loss, but if the win at Durban wasn't good enough, he buckled down and played two gritty half-centuries here to make a statement. And how can we forget the efforts of that champion, Shaun Pollock, who bowled exceptionally and chipped in with the bat?

A team effort this, but all through the series there were contributions from Prince and Boucher, Nel and Ntini, and of course AB de Villiers, especially in the field. Paul Harris, the debutant left-arm spinner, will never forget this match. Morne Morkel, who debuted in the second Test, impressed with the ball and bat. Mickey Arthur, the coach, can take much pleasure from this series win.

For India, its back to the drawing board. They have a flight to catch, and it will be glum scenes. Plenty of problems, you can hear the Indian media sharpening their knives. Too much to even address in this space here.

Rahul Dravid murmurs the usual: "We didnt bat well enough...didnt do well yesterday...we should have gotten more runs...." There are words of encouragement for Sreesanth and Zaheer..."tours like this can really boost young pace bowlers"....then its looking to the future..."we have to address our one-day game...its a busy year with the World Cup..." And he rounds off by thanking Smith, the opposition, the SACB, and the crowds.

Smith comes forward to collect his Man-of-the-Match award. He has to wait for the winning speech, however.

Pollock picks up the Man-of-the-Series award. He's chuffed, and rightly so: "We showed alot of character after being down 1-0...the young lads showed was a good effort by all the boys...." He's pleased with his batting, too, and was glad he could finish off the innings well. There are words of happiness at becoming the first South African to cross 400 Test wickets, of course, and he looks to the coming year with excitement.

Here comes Smith now, though he's not really beaming. Ah, there we have a smile. Good on you, Smith. "We took confidence into this game...the wicket didnt suit us as much as it did India....but we took alot from this game....its pleasing....we're moving forward, though we're used to winning at home, a win on this type of pitch was satisfying..." On his double fifties here, he is pleased and admits he "felt better" and hopes he can move into the series against Pakistan in the same vein. He thanks the Indians and the local support - to plenty of cheer - and rates this series win as very, very pleasing.

Thats all we have for you, folks, and I hope you've enjoyed our coverage all series. Its been a pleasure bringing you the action, and on behalf of Sajan Nair, George Binoy, Sriram Veera and Siddhartha Vaidyanathan, I'd like to say thank you for tuning in, logging on, and hitting us with those Matchvox comments. Until next time, this is Jamie Alter signing off with a hearty cheers!

Tendulkar to Prince, 1 run

THATS IT! A great win! Looped up outside the off stump, Prince drives down the ground, Tendulkar gives a half-hearted attempt to stop it, and the ball runs right through his legs - the Gateway of India, as its called - and thats a smashing win for South Africa! Prince raises his arms in jubilation! Well played!

This over should do it. One to win. Tendulkar to continue. Prince surveys the field.

end of over 641 run • 1 wicket
SA: 210/5CRR: 3.28 
Herschelle Gibbs0 (2)
Ashwell Prince37 (102)
Zaheer Khan21-2-62-4
Sachin Tendulkar3-2-2-0
Khan to Gibbs, no run
Khan to Gibbs, no run

good, rising delivery on off stump, Gibbs gets forward and hustles out of the way as it rears off a good length like a viper

Khan to Prince, 1 run

good length outside leg stump, worked to square leg and the scores are tied

Khan to Prince, no run

short of a length outside off stump, played off the back foot to backward point

Herschelle Gibbs comes out and takes guard. They crossed, so he wont face.

Anticlimatic for Kallis? It was there to be punished, but he didnt succeed in putting it away. Like it will have any effect on the match...Zaheer gets a fourth, however

Khan to Kallis, OUT

would you believe it? Zaheer bangs one in short, and Kallis, looking to finish it with a four, gets under the pull shot and ends up lobbing it up to Dravid at midwicket, who holds an easy catch

Jacques Kallis c Dravid b Khan 32 (152m 90b 2x4 0x6) SR: 35.55
Khan to Kallis, no run

good length outside off stump, Kallis gets up tall and runs it to backward point

Two runs to win. All of South Africa on their feet in the pavilion

end of over 63Maiden
SA: 209/4CRR: 3.31 
Ashwell Prince36 (100)
Jacques Kallis32 (88)
Sachin Tendulkar3-2-2-0
Zaheer Khan20-2-61-3
Tendulkar to Prince, no run

quicker and flatter down leg stump, worked right to leg slip

Tendulkar to Prince, no run

flatter outside off stump, Prince gets well forward and smothers the spin

Tendulkar to Prince, 4 byes

looped up outside off stump and spins down sharply, Prince doesnt really play at it and it runs away for leg byes

Tendulkar to Prince, no run

tossed up outside off stump, inviting the drive, but Prince defends back to him

Tendulkar to Prince, no run

looped up outside off again, good rotation on that one, and it spins in sharply and Prince almost chops on

Tendulkar to Prince, no run

looped up well outside off stump and gets some fantastic spin down leg stump, and Prince is a bit confused

Six runs to clinch the series.