61st match (N), Mohali, May 13 2012, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 191)194/6
Kings XI won by 4 wickets
Player Of The Match
65 (35)
end of over 2019 runs
PBKS: 194/6CRR: 9.69 
Gurkeerat Singh Mann29 (12)
David Hussey65 (35)
Manpreet Gony 4-0-40-1
Dale Steyn 4-0-26-2

That is it from us for this game. Have a look at Sid Ravindran's match report which is being updated. Abhishek Purohit signing off for the moment. Cheers

David Hussey is the Man of the Match

David Hussey: "He [Gurkeerat] is a real player for the future for us, made it look real easy. We showed our fighting qualities today. We got three big games, you never know, we could sneak into the finals."

Kumar Sangakkara: "We were poor with the ball at the back end and Huss and the young boy made us pay. [On being asked whether the dew made an impact] Not really, we were in control for most of the game but you need to hit your yorkers. You always bowl your best bowler in the penultimate bowler and get the run-rate high enough for the final over."

Hussey has an arm around Gurkeerat's neck, the Punjab team run onto the field. Gurkeerat gets a big hug from Adam Gilchrist. Punjab are alive this season. They have two tough games against Delhi and one against the defending champions Chennai, but for the moment, Gurkeerat and Hussey have kept them alive

Deccan had 82 to defend off six overs, 16 off the final over, and they could not. Have to feel for Shikhar Dhawan and Cameron White

Mamun: "At the end of the day, Deccan somehow manages to do it again."

shivam: "DC are more consistent than Malinga's yorkers. Hats Off!!!"

Gony to Gurkeerat, FOUR runs

Gurkeerat has done it for Punjab with a boundary, and Mohali is ecstatic, short ball in to the body, and Gurkeerat hooks it away to the fine leg rope

Gony to Gurkeerat, 2 runs

somehow gets it in the air wide of extra cover, they will risk the second, they have to, Gurkeerat is not making it, he has too much ground to cover, but a big dive, a massive dive, and he is in

Gony to Gurkeerat, FOUR runs

super stuff, Gurkeerat, gets away another boundary, wide of sweeper cover this time, full, just outside off, he again makes some room and opens the face to get the placement right

Oh Deccan, not another loss?

Gony to Gurkeerat, SIX runs

oh boy, Gurkeerat has made room to the short of a length ball, cleared front leg and dragged it just over the deep midwicket rope

Gurkeerat on strike, Deccan have to close this out now, mid off is up

Gony to Hussey, 1 run

hammers a length ball flat and on the bounce to long on

Gony to Hussey, 2 runs

heaves a length ball angled into him through square leg, there is a fumble in the deep, and Hussey is back on strike

Gony to bowl the last over

end of over 198 runs
PBKS: 175/6CRR: 9.21 RRR: 16.00
Gurkeerat Singh Mann13 (8)
David Hussey62 (33)
Dale Steyn 4-0-26-2
Dan Christian 4-0-31-2
Steyn to Gurkeerat, FOUR runs

can Punjab do it, Gurkeerat makes room and squeezes a low full toss past a diving point

Steyn to Hussey, 1 run

heaves a full toss to midwicket, who has a go at the stumps, Hussey was gone had the throw hit, Steyn is furious at the fielder, Sudhindra, for throwing

Steyn to Hussey, no run

that would have taken out the middle stump, it was a yorker at 145.4 kph, Hussey got bat down on it as he backed away to have a swing

Steyn to Gurkeerat, 1 run

throws his bat at a pitched up ball outside off, flies down to third man

Steyn to Hussey, 1 run

in the blockhole outside off, squeezed out to point, still some late away swing for Steyn

Mahesh: "Here you go Deccan.. sigh.."

Steyn to Gurkeerat, 1 run

drags a full one from outside off to long on