19th match (N), Chennai, Apr 15 2013, Indian Premier League
(20 ov, target 160)135/8
Warriors won by 24 runs
Player Of The Match
39* (16) & 3 catches
end of over 2011 runs • 1 wicket
CSK: 135/8CRR: 6.75 
Ravichandran Ashwin11 (5)
Chris Morris5 (5)
Ashok Dinda 4-0-34-2
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-1-12-2

That does it for this game. We'll catch you tomorrow. Good night.

Steven Smith is the Man of the Match. Smith: "Was fresh and ready to go. Got my chance tonight with Angelo sitting out. Dont know what I was thinking, comes off at times [the reverse-sweep for six]. We could have got another 10 if we hadn't lost a few wickets."

Taylor: "Set the tone with the way Finch batted. Smith came in and finished it off. 160 was going to be competitive. Bhuvi led the attack. We fielded well too."

Dhoni: "We gave few too many in the first few overs and death has always been a worry for us. We have not been able to capitalise on first six overs with the bat, they are crucial on pitches like these where it slows down after seven-eight overs. Yorker is a perfect recipe, if you can bowl three or four it is very difficult to hit. It is good that we got a game like this early in the tournament and not later."

Dinda? Whowouldathunk? Mighty comfortable win in the end. Finch and Smith setting it up with the bat, and the bowlers holding together. Bhuvneshwar 4-1-12-2. Priceless. Rahul Sharma choking CSK further, Dinda finishing off. Nayar called on to do a job, and pulling it off rather well. Smith can;t be benched after this. Question: How does Angelo get back? Follow-up: If he does, how does Taylor stay in?

Saroj: "Chennai had 5 batsmen and 4 genuine allrounders. Pune had only 3 frontline bowlers including Dinda. Despite of all these combination CSK can't cross the line."

ketan: "david beats goliath"

Jayesh: "Either Rosco or Matthews can buy a ticket back home! Smith is in the house! :)"

Samiuddin Khaja: "Now this is the team for Pune except for Rosco, who should be replaced by Luke Wright"

Himanshu: "There's no way Taylor should retain his place in the team he's been pretty poor in this IPL as well as the last the reputation of the player should not be taken into consideration when selecting a team, Smith was awesome today and fact is he can be even better than the way he played today"

Kalyan: "Add Yuvi to this mix (in place of Manish Pandey) and they will make this IPL interesting...very very interesting!!!"

Venkat: "Had to happen sometime - the testament to this team is that even with 42 required off 2, people still believed. But too much to do towards the end. People up at the top of the order have to take more responsibility, it was ridiculous the number of dot balls that were played by Vijay and co"

Dinda to Ashwin, 1 run

he moves across this time, Dinda slows it down and Ashwin's heave produces one

Dinda to Ashwin, FOUR runs

full again, Ashwin backs away and swings, thick edge eludes the keeper on off

Dinda to Ashwin, 2 runs

backs to leg again, Dinda follows him with a short one, Ashwin opens the face to lift it fine, but third man cuts off the boundary with a dive

Chathura: "Even Kohli cannot win it for CSK now"

Dinda to Ashwin, FOUR runs

low full toss around off, Ashwin's made room and steered it past short third man

Dinda to Ashwin, no run

Dinda hits the blockhole, Ashwin pats it back

Dinda to Morkel, OUT

and Morkel almost hits one off the first, hammers a full toss to long off, but this is Pune;s night, Finch times the leap and plucks it out of the air, Donald is right behind in the dugout and he;s delighted

Albie Morkel c Finch b Dinda 13 (18m 11b 0x4 1x6) SR: 118.18

Six sixes needed

end of over 196 runs
CSK: 124/7CRR: 6.52 RRR: 36.00
Albie Morkel13 (10)
Chris Morris5 (5)
Bhuvneshwar Kumar 4-1-12-2
Ashok Dinda 3-0-23-1
Bhuvneshwar to Morkel, 1 run

ends with yet another full toss, it is powered to long on, couple of bounces

Bhuvneshwar to Morris, 1 run

slow and wide now, he reaches out and drags it to the leg side close to the pitch, not happening for CSK today

Bhuvneshwar to Morkel, 1 run

can;t get under one more full toss, drilled down to long on

Bhuvneshwar to Morkel, 2 runs

low full toss crashed down to long off, slight fumble and they are back for two

Bhuvneshwar to Morkel, no run

full and across, Morkel has a go, mishits it to the bowler

Upset Upset Upset

Bhuvneshwar to Morris, 1 run

full toss flayed down to long off

Bhuvi to bowl his fourth