66th Match (N), DY Patil, May 18, 2022, Indian Premier League

Super Giants won by 2 runs

Full commentary
end of over 2018 runs • 2 wickets
KKR: 208/8CRR: 10.40 
Sunil Narine21 (7)
Marcus Stoinis 2-0-23-3
Jason Holder 4-0-45-0

That's that from our coverage of this game. Lucknow confirm their qualification, ending KKR's stay. Do join us tomorrow as Gujarat Titans take on Royal Challengers Bangalore. It was great bringing this game to you, hope you enjoyed it. Take care, till the next time.

Player of the match, Quinton de Kock: I was a little bit cooked. But I had to get out there and get on with the job. It was just a bit of frustration that came out. The last couple of games just the way I was getting out. It was just a bit of release. I didn't know what I was thinking, I was just keeping it in. After our first three overs I thought they were going to struggle to get to our score. But they came out and assessed the game. Shreyas came out and the rest of the guys played well. I thought Stoinis would defend it easily. But after the third one I thought the game is done. But Evin proved catches win matches.

KL Rahul, LSG captain,: There haven't been so many games that have gone to the last ball. Yes they have gone to the last over but not so close. Happy to be on the other side, good way to finish the last game of the league stage. Credit to both teams for making this a brilliant game. I can't say we held our nerves better because it was a matter of three runs. But for Stoinis to execute the plan at the end was brilliant. We knew KKR are going to come hard. Only chat during timeouts were to back the best balls. If those balls go for boundaries then keep coming back. The game keeps reminding us that you can turn it around from any stage. I was a spectator today in the last few overs. QdK's batting really well throughout the season. What we lacked in the few games were that the guys who were having good games weren't winning us games. It was great to see how Quinny carried on and batted till the end. That catch from Lewis... just stuck his hand out. He's been struggling with some tummy issues. He didn't get a chance to bat but that's what you want to see. Mohsin has been exceptional from the time he has played. He has got great skill but he has used them cleverly and smartly. He knows when to use the slow one and the fast one. I have no doubt he'd be donning the India colours soon. They are always looking for left-arm bowlers.

11.21 pm With three off two to win, the smart money was on KKR to finish off a historic chase, and it would have been their highest in franchise history. But they stumble at the final hurdle. But Evin Lewis holds onto an all-time great catch on the penultimate ball, and Stoinis holds his nerve at the end too. KKR are officially eliminated from playoff contention. LSG meanwhile are still in with a solid chance of claiming the second spot on the table and a chance to have two cracks at advancing to the tournament final. They're now on 18 points, two points clear of Rajasthan Royals for sole possession of second place. They'll need to sit and wait two days until the result of the Royals match against CSK is known to understand if they'll finish second or not.

Preet: "What a turnaround for Stoinis!!!! What an over! What a match! This is peak IPL."

KKR captain Shreyas Iyer: "I'm not feeling sad at all because that was one of the best games of cricket I've ever played to be honest. The performance, the way we showed our character and attitude in this game, it was simply outstanding. I love the way Rinku got us to the end, but unfortunately couldn't time it when two balls were remaining. He was really sad. I was hoping that he could finish the game for us. He could have been the hero. Still, he played a fantastic knock and I'm really happy for him. [Chasing 210 what he thought about the pitch] When we came in and saw the wicket, I never thought it was going to play this way because it was dry and the grass also, it wasn't that wet. So I thought there would be a little help for the spinners at the start, but once they started going, they took on the bowlers pretty well. They got a decent total that was over par on this wicket I felt. It was a do or die situation for us. We wanted to go all out. Even when we lost two wickets in the Powerplay, our mindset was to go for the chase as much as possible and put them under pressure. [Reflecting on the season] Definitely it was a volatile season for us. We started off pretty great and in between we lost five consecutive games. We did a lot of chopping and changing, depending on the situation we had to make it happen because we had too many niggles and also the form was up and down. So a lot of learnings from there and also we got to know pretty good players like Rinku. He got an opportunity and he showcased that he is a quality player at this level. The vibe has always been positive in the dressing room. No matter what, ups and downs, it's part and parcel of the game and there was no panic button pressed in the dressing room. So that's the best thing that I would say that happened this year. I built a really good relationship with Baz. He's someone who is really calm and composed even when the situation is going out of the way. He's got that personality where you can go and talk to him at any point of the game. Also, off the field he's an outstanding person. He's got that aura when he walks around the players. The best part about him is that he never judges any player or treats anyone bad. All of us are equal for him and that's what I really respect about him."

LSG allrounder Marcus Stoinis: [Asked about the final over] "Initially, feeling I probably should have bowled through the middle. That was the initial feeling. [Laughs]. Look, you start your over and you're pretty clear. You play to the conditions and the long boundary and what you think the batter wants to do. As things get worse, you go back more towards what you like to bowl and what works for you. So that's probably a learning for me, to maybe take the conditions out of it in those sort of situations and do what you feel most confident with. [Defending 21 off the final over, did he feel comfortable feeling he had enough runs] No... Especially the fact that two guys were pretty in and they'd been hitting it pretty well for the last three overs. You're confident, but all you're trying to do is think of one ball at a time and what you're trying to do. [Starting with wide yorkers, what does he prefer to do] For us bowling, usually we're always aiming at something, the feet of the batsmen or the stumps. When you are bowling those wide yorkers, it is a bit different for me personally just trying to visualize where that line is and I was missing that a bit so I feel more comfortable going to a straighter yorker. [On the Lewis catch off the penultimate ball] I don't think he knew it was going to him. And then he just stuck one hand and I can't believe it stuck. We're giving him Man of the Match. He chilled all game and he was so looking forward to batting, and then he ends up pulling out a one-handed blinder. That's the game. [Discussion before the final ball before the yorker on off stump] That's what I wanted to bowl. The conference happens and you see everyone run in from everywhere, which is good. Everyone wants to have an input. But you have to bowl what you believe is your best ball and set the field accordingly. Thank God."

Stoinis to Umesh Yadav, OUT

yorker saves the day for LSG! 123 kph lightning bolt into the base of off stump! Umesh plays over the top of it trying to heave this over midwicket. Off stump is uprooted. Stoinis somehow recovers after a disastrous first four balls of the final over to preserve QDK and Rahul's historic partnership in victory for LSG!

Umesh Yadav b Stoinis 0 (3m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0

Three off one. Umesh on strike. Could we have the first Super Over of the season?!

Stoinis to Singh, OUT

OH MY GOODNESS EVIN LEWIS! Full and wide outside off, Rinku miscues a drive that is skied over cover. Lewis charges 30 yards from the point sweeper rope and slides while sticking out his left paw to claw onto the ball. Gold medal catch, frame that and enshrine it in the IPL Hall of Fame for greatest catches of all time. Hands down the catch of this year's tournament!

Rinku Singh c Lewis b Stoinis 40 (28m 15b 2x4 4x6) SR: 266.66

Three off two now...

Stoinis to Singh, 2 runs

full on fifth stump at 129 kph, heaves this flat toward deep square leg, Rinku charges back for two and he's zipping so fast he looks like he had enough energy to turn back for three. His bat flew out of his hand turning back for the second but he got his foot across the line and motored home to the striker's end and then some.

Just five off three to win now.

Stoinis to Singh, SIX runs

Stoinis misses his yorker badly again and Rinku gets out the paddle to spank him like a headmaster to a naughty schoolboy over long-off! Full in the slot on sixth stump, punishes a drive into the sightscreen over long-off.

Stoinis to Singh, SIX runs

bang bang! Length ball at 127 kph on middle stump, Rinku steps forward and creams a front foot pull shot that disappears beyond the post-match presentation setup beyond the rope.

Fine leg now comes into the ring before the next ball. Deep third pushed back.

Stoinis to Singh, FOUR runs

in the slot on sixth stump at 119 kph, Rinku sautées this drive over extra cover, no chance for long-off to cut it off.

Stoinis starts over the wicket.

end of over 1917 runs
KKR: 190/6CRR: 10.00 RRR: 21.00 • Need 21 runs from 6b
Rinku Singh22 (10)
Sunil Narine21 (7)
Jason Holder 4-0-45-0
Avesh Khan 4-0-60-0

21 needed off the final over. KKR still has a chance to chase a target of 211 with Russell scoring 5 off 11 balls. Remarkable. Stoinis will bowl the final six balls. KL Rahul is back on the field.

Holder to Singh, 1 leg bye

full and speared into the legs at 128 kph, Rinku misses a flick and it comes off the pads into the leg side for one.

Holder to Singh, 1 wide

yorker sprayed down leg at 129 kph, lucky it didn't go for five. Holder was expecting Rinku to back away from leg but he stayed put.

Holder to Narine, 1 run

fullish length ball on leg stump at 129 kph, Narine heaves this along the turf through midwicket for one.

Holder to Singh, 1 run

follows Rinku backing away from leg with a 127 kph low full toss into the shins, miscues a heave along the turf through midwicket for one.

Holder to Singh, SIX runs

length ball on fourth stump, Rinku shuffles forward to swat this 113 kph delivery with plenty of Popeye forearm muscle over wide long-on beyond the rope.

Holder to Narine, 1 run

bouncer on the body at 126 kph, pulls this awkwardly along the turf to deep square leg for one.

Holder to Narine, SIX runs

superb wrist strength! Full on middle at 129 kph, flicks a drive that just clears long-on.

Holder has the ball in hand for the 19th with 38 off 12 needed. Around the stumps to Narine.

end of over 1817 runs
KKR: 173/6CRR: 9.61 RRR: 19.00 • Need 38 runs from 12b
Rinku Singh15 (7)
Sunil Narine13 (4)
Avesh Khan 4-0-60-0
Mohsin Khan 4-0-20-3

Hasmukhbhai : "Poor Dre Russel , denied Singh for second to get strike for big hit and miserably got out ." He's still getting paid millions, win or lose. He'll survive.

Avesh Khan to Singh, no run

wide yorker at 133 kph, shuffles across to sweep this and picks out short fine leg.

Avesh Khan to Narine, 1 run

yorker on fifth stump at 135 kph, jammed out to the cover sweeper Evin Lewis for one.

Avesh Khan to Narine, SIX runs

knee high full toss on sixth stump at 137 kph, Avesh misses the yorker badly and Narine flays this over extra cover thudding into the LCD ad boards over the foam triangle.

Avesh Khan to Singh, 1 run

yorker on sixth stump at 137 kph, Narine shuffles across and whips this off his toes through midwicket for one.

Avesh Khan to Singh, 1 wide

wide yorker lands well outside the off stump guidelines at 134 kph, left alone and wide called.

Bulla: "Can you imagine on a pitch like this where batters have scored boundaries in a flurry and Russel struck zero while playing those 11 deliveries!" We don't have to imagine it. We've just witnessed it.

Avesh Khan to Singh, SIX runs

length ball on the body, goes to pull and clears deep backward square at 123 kph down the tunnel between sections of the field level stands.

Avesh Khan to Singh, 2 runs

low full toss on off stump at 131 kph, flicked away through midwicket for two.

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